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How is this a great moment, you ask? Simple: After hearing something this insensitive, Tony does NOT hurl this woman right off the front porch. Sometimes “impulse control” is the greatest Iron Mannery there is.

Art by Adi Granov


Posted: June 29, 2010 in Threat Quality

Remains my favorite city around.  I had Glenkinchie whiskey today in a pub owned by Sean Connery, though I did not see him.  I am assuming that, when Scotland finally becomes independent, they will just make him king.  Is that right?  Or is he supposed to fight someone for it?

Incidentally, the city smells less like beef stew than it did the last time I was here.  I have not settled on whether or not I think this is an improvement.

It pains me to say this, but: I may not be completely against the iPad.

There are so many reasons to hate the iPad, from the fact that it’s prohibitively expensive, to the (so-far) lack of Flash capability that limits website accessibility and always gives me the creepy feeling that Apple is trying to provide a Disney Main St. version of the internet, to the assertion that it may simply be a cartoonishly large prototype for the iPod Touch. But here’s why I am not 100% against it:

It may be how I’ll be reading comics within a few years.  (more…)

Last week was kind of a big one for genre fans, since the long-awaited/apparently-mildly-dreaded peak at The Green Hornet finally popped up, the adaptation of Warren Ellis’s absolutely awesome Red released a teaser, and DC’s animated movies got Adult Serious with Batman: Under the Red Hood (which, yes, does sound like a Swedish softcore film somehow).

Now, people tend to judge movies by their trailers, but I tend to be more specific. Because I like to be optimistic about a movie I might perhaps enjoy, I tend to focus on a specific line of dialogue and hope that characterizes the movie on the whole.

Let’s take them one by one:  (more…)

“Gun Nun and the Fancy Vaders.”

Once I figure out what it’s all about, I will let you know. Right now it’s just a series of typos that I kinda liked. But I imagine it will somehow involve a nun who carries a gun – or maybe two, depending on my mood – and her back-up crew, who are a bit like mummers, and a bit like well-dressed gentlemen, but are mostly like a bunch of Darth Vaders.

Yes. Yesssss, this is alllll coming together….



Posted: June 24, 2010 in Threat Quality

Why the hell do all your wifis cost a million Great British Pounds?


2) I would hang this up in my foyer SO HARD:

3) I just watched Superman II for the first time – and oddly enough, it was the newly released Richard Donner cut. So I guess I’m going to miss out on things like Superman’s memory-wiping kiss and his cellophane-S-villain-wrapping ability. But I did find it delightful.


You should go make yours now.

(Unsurprisingly, Holland and Braak avatars both look a lot alike)


Posted: June 22, 2010 in Braak

Due to reasons — PERFECTLY LEGAL REASONS! — I, Braak!, must leave the country for the next few days.  Probably until, say, July.  During that time, I do not know if I will have internet access, as I will be in some pitifully underdeveloped nation called “England.”  I am advised that this country is full of chavs and wankers, and smells primarily of boiled beef.

As a consequence, you will probably notice fewer posts from me here at Threat Quality Press.  BUT FEAR NOT!  It’s possible that I will return!


So, remember how I was all bummed out that I couldn’t find any awesome anime series anymore? You guys were all really helpful, and I’ve got every available series on my Netflix queue.

Except it turned out Netflix already had one waiting for me in the instant queue: GUNSWORD.

The title pretty much tells you what you’re getting into. And if it didn’t, that first line up at the top? ACTUAL LINE OF DIALOGUE.

But here it is, the Big Crazy explanation of the premise: (more…)