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I think this picture is super-hilarious. Look how jaunty he looks! With his jacket slung over his shoulder, Mr. Cool Guy, Mr. Hip Dad.


Let’s talk about Orson Scott Card. Okay! As many of you know, Card wrote a famous and popular book that will soon be released as a famous movie (whether it will be popular remains to be seen; my bet is yes). Orson Scott Card is also a famous bigot. I am not going to link to all of the articles (UPDATE: I will link to one that it is a pretty good rundown), because they are readily available with Google and also that is a lot of work, but Card has done some straight up bad stuff – he’s said that it’s impossible for gay people to be good Mormons, that laws should be constructed specifically to punish gay people in order to discourage them from gaying it up, that homosexuality is a genetic “mix-up”, that if America legalizes gay marriage then all the good people need to rise up and overthrow the government, in his retelling of Hamlet he pretty clearly equates homosexuality with pedophilia, and has flat-out said that homosexuality is caused by sexual abuse. He has also said that he has gay friends, which frankly just seems like a bald-faced lie. (more…)

Yeah, I know.  This is a real thing, anyway, and the number one reason that I’m working on it is that hardly anyone every invites me to direct (and by “hardly anyone” I mean “no one”), so I am going to take the opportunities that come my way.  But despite my base craving for acclaim and attention, I was still hesitant to touch this one with anything short of a very long pole, and so sat down and did some soul-searching, trying to reason my way through it.  This is what I came up with.


It’s certainly possible that he’s a malicious and cynical liar, but I don’t think it could be true that he’s JUST malicious and cynical, as even someone completely disinterested in truth would probably do a better job of framing his arguments.  Say what you like about William F. Buckley, for instance, but at least he didn’t usually sound like an idiot.  Whether Gregory Kane is a complete bonehead, or just mostly a bonehead and otherwise a cynic, it’s pretty clear that the quality of “boneheadedness” is a central element in his analysis.

Let me explain.


Dear Pizza Hut

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Braak
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John Shnatter, founder and owner of Papa John’s Pizza, not too long ago said that providing healthcare for all his employees would cost about 14 cents per pizza, and that, in order to protect shareholder returns, that cost would get passed on to the customers by amortizing it throughout Papa John’s goods.

Pizza Hut. Here is how you can both afford to give everyone healthcare AND improve your market share.


I don’t generally like to talk about politics here, since that’s usually when assholes show up and threaten to disrupt my naturally cool demeanor.  But Penn Jillette wrote this piece for CNN, and I felt like I had to answer it.  I felt this way for two reasons:  the first is that I really like Penn & Teller, and the second is that I think he’s cheating.


Health Insurance

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Braak, Politics
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I know that I’ve said before that I don’t like it when we get really involved in politics here at TQP, because I’m displeased with the number of crazies that appear from the woodwork.  This is true; I have trepidation even as I’m writing this.  However, I’ve been puzzling over something for a while, and I want to try and address it using the secret weapon of the Writer:  Language (the thing that means stuff).

Is health insurance a fundamental right?


This is going to come out of nowhere, it will seem to you (as it seems to me), but I need to write something, and so today this is what I’ll write.  Over on Gawker, they’ve got a little bit about UCSD’s racism problem (hint:  it begins and ends with douchebags).  In the comments section, someone posted – as someone always does on articles like this – the lyrics from “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” from the musical Avenue Q.

I hate that fucking song.



Posted: September 30, 2009 in Braak
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The Washington Post recently announced a contest to find America’s next great pundit.

It is, technically, a contest to find someone to write a weekly opinion column, but because I am A MAVERICK!, I made a video.  Enjoy it, you pissy motherfuckers.


Posted: November 24, 2008 in Braak, Politics
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Look at this.  It is from Dr. Moff’s website.   Well, it’s a link on his website to someone else’s website, who got it from somewhere else.  I’m not sure how I’m supposed to cite any of this crap anymore.

…with time wearing short and the prospect of a new administration descending upon Washington, Bush may shortly act to issue a pre-emptive class-based pardon to insure that his helpers not be prosecuted. And if the pardon is class-based, one prominent beneficiary will be George W. Bush himself.

I think it’s from Harper’s, originally, or something.  The point is this:  George W. Bush has been running rough-shod over his country for the last eight years, and I know it’s tempting to say, “You know what, he’s got two months left.  Just, fuck it.  Whatever, let him do what he wants, we’ll start over again in January.”

To this I say:  bullshit.  I understand the temptation, but it’s bullshit.  This ends now.

Man, it doesn’t even matter that we elected the right person this time.  It doesn’t have anything to do with who we elect.  It has to do with what we expect from and what we demand from our public servants.  We won’t get a worthwhile, accountable, responsible government by hoping that we get nice, responsible people in office.  We’ll get an accountable government the second we start standing up and telling them what we think of them:

Bull.  Shit.

More details here at Harper’s.  Here’s a form, it’s TOO EASY to not fill it out.

On the Bureaucracy (TQP0114)

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Braak, Politics
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Don’t get me wrong; I understand where the Libertarians are coming from.  Getting things out of government services is a pain in the ass at best, and it’s reasonable to think that there must be some more efficient way to get it done.  I’m still in favor of the government running the criminal justice system, though, because the alternative to that is going to be something like wereguild or vendetta, and I just don’t see myself thriving in a situation like that.

Still, the way it works is, government systems are shitty, and the rest of us constantly complain about them and demand that they be improved, so that our lives will be marginally better.  Which is why when I received a juror’s summons, it was necessary that I respond in a civically responsible way.

My letter, after the jump.