Really, Rush? Really? (TQP0091)

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Braak, Politics
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There are times when I just don’t understand what’s going on.  I mean, I’m a fairly smart guy, I think, but I spend a lot of my life befuddled.

I saw this link, about fat sack of crap Rush Limbaugh (I guess he has a radio show, or something?  Aside from his main job of being a sack of crap?).  There’s video there of Limby lying about Barack Obama.

And I mean, actually lying.  He is actually knowingly making up something that is not true and saying it on his radio show as though it were true.  He’s got the article right in front of him!  He can see that there’s nothing in there about Barack Obama being an Arab!

This isn’t really going to be a thing about Barack Obama or Arabs.  I don’t really care if Obama is an Arab, anyway (which he’s not).  But whatever.  Let’s say he was a secret Muslim–so?  Muslims can be president, just like Catholics or Mormons or whatever other zany religion people believe in.

Whatever.  The point is, the guy is flat-out lying.  He’s not equivocating, he’s not stretching the truth, he’s not circumlocuting.  He’s just lying.

I heard him once talking about the War Powers Act, telling his listeners that Nixon was not a “Big Government” guy, and that was why he opposed the War Powers Act, which “gave the President the power to wage war for thirty days without the approval of Congress.”  This was a shady thing to say–the president, before the War Powers Act, could wage war for as long as he wanted, so Nixon was actually fighting against a reduction of his powers–but it was theoretically possible that someone might not know that.

At this stage, I think that Limbaugh knew damn well what he was saying, like he knew damn well what he was saying in that video, which is this:  anything, absolutely anything, to get people to agree with him.

And that’s what I don’t quite get.  Why would you do that?

Obviously, this isn’t about the dissemination of truth, which is generally acknowledged as a laudable goal, because it is impossible to disseminate truth by lying.

So, it must be because he thinks he’s right, and what he’s saying is what’s best for the country.  Right?  Except, if you know you’re right, why would you have to lie to people to get them to agree with you?

Rush has an opportunity here to explain the chain of reasoning that led to his beliefs–if it’s a good chain of reasoning, why won’t his listeners be convinced by it?  The chain of reasoning can’t be what he’s saying, because he knows that’s not true.  And if it’s a bad chain of reasoning, then why doesn’t he change his mind?

The only really plausible answer is that Rush Limbaugh likes to have power and money, and he knows that by lying about stupid shit on the radio, he can get more power and money.  Falsely claiming that Barack Obama is an Arab is a simple, narcissistic exercise of power.

It was recently revealed that Rush Limbaugh is one of the most charitable celebrities in America, and now we understand why.  He obviously doesn’t care about the American population itself–as his willingness to brassily lie to them demonstrates–but he needs to be seen as someone that cares about Americans.  Part of his image is as this blustery, high-minded patriot.

So, he gives away a small fraction of his fortune in order to dodge accusations that he’s really a lying sack of crap that is undermining democracy at its most basic level.

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