Curse You, Warren Ellis!

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Braak
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Illimitable bastard Warren Ellis has, yet again, seen fit to thwart me.  Now available for purchase is his graphic novella, Aetheric Mechanics, a book that has basically exactly the same plot as my own novel, The Translated Man.  Only, because Warren Ellis is Warren Ellis, and I’m just me, he gets his zany ideas published almost as fast as he can think of them, and it’s going to be ten fucking years before I can even get a publisher to read mine.

I am making a list of things I hate about him.  When it is long enough, I will roll it up and beat him with it.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    Yeah, the extended description of AM was a bit…familiar, having read your book. But I’m afraid there are two very simple reasons Ellis’s book wins out (other than his already being an established writer): it is shorter, and it is illustrated.

    Everybody loves things that are short and illustrated. That’s why tattooed midgets are so popular.

  2. threatqualitypress says:

    That is the story of my life: too tall to be a midget, not tall enough to be Warren Ellis.

  3. Moff says:

    As you have probably seen me mention on io9, Warren Ellis’s critical and popular accolades tend to enrage me, so hey, I’m in your corner. You got that. For what that’s worth.

  4. threatqualitypress says:

    Well, look, for all my bluster, I like Warren Ellis. I enjoy reading his books, I gave my dad Crecy for Christmas and that was a blast.

    I just also hate Warren Ellis.

  5. Moff says:

    Yeah, I mostly just hate him. I guess I’m a little more dedicated to this than you are, buddy.

  6. threatqualitypress says:

    I am a notorious dilettante when it comes to maintaining my celebrity feuds.

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