Posted: November 24, 2008 in Braak, Politics
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Look at this.  It is from Dr. Moff’s website.   Well, it’s a link on his website to someone else’s website, who got it from somewhere else.  I’m not sure how I’m supposed to cite any of this crap anymore.

…with time wearing short and the prospect of a new administration descending upon Washington, Bush may shortly act to issue a pre-emptive class-based pardon to insure that his helpers not be prosecuted. And if the pardon is class-based, one prominent beneficiary will be George W. Bush himself.

I think it’s from Harper’s, originally, or something.  The point is this:  George W. Bush has been running rough-shod over his country for the last eight years, and I know it’s tempting to say, “You know what, he’s got two months left.  Just, fuck it.  Whatever, let him do what he wants, we’ll start over again in January.”

To this I say:  bullshit.  I understand the temptation, but it’s bullshit.  This ends now.

Man, it doesn’t even matter that we elected the right person this time.  It doesn’t have anything to do with who we elect.  It has to do with what we expect from and what we demand from our public servants.  We won’t get a worthwhile, accountable, responsible government by hoping that we get nice, responsible people in office.  We’ll get an accountable government the second we start standing up and telling them what we think of them:

Bull.  Shit.

More details here at Harper’s.  Here’s a form, it’s TOO EASY to not fill it out.

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  2. Moff says:

    I wish I’d saved the message I sent to Congress along with my e-signature on that resolution petition. It was vim and vigor, and I totally shamed George W. Bush by obliquely referring to him as a coward. They’re gonna read it out loud on the Capitol floor, and I’ll be famous on C-Span.

  3. threatqualitypress says:

    They are reading it right now! I am watching them read it on C-Span! IT IS AMAZING!

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