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time-travelGreat. Now I’m terrified of time travel again.

Last night’s episode of “Lost,” coupled with the realization that even though people seem to like science fiction movies, they will not support science fiction television in general (“Lost” snuck past by marketing itself as a survival/mystery plot), got me thinking. About time travel.

Never a good sign.



wolverine1This is a good question.  When I was in my angsty, disillusioned, alienated, MISERABLE teenage years, Wolverine was my favorite superhero.  I am, frankly, not a hundred percent sure that I bothered reading comics that DIDN’T have Wolverine in them.  I was precisely the kind of shitty comic book fan that Marvel now caters to by putting Wolverine as a guest star in every comic–I didn’t care about the character development in Avengers or Spider-Man; I just wanted to see Wolverine cut some motherfuckers up.


wolverineIf this summer’s movie franchises have taught me anything about myself, it’s this: apparently, I was one dull-ass kid. Because I have always preferred the nerdy leaders to the bad-asses.

Here’s Wolverine! And original-flavor Star Trek, with kick-ass Kirk in command! Who wouldn’t get excited at that?


Can’t…can’t work today…

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Braak

…it’s HOT.

Besides that, I’m not posting anything new until I get suitable appreciation for my fake NPR interviews.

Also:  it’s HOT.

This is the second of the NPR Interviews that I did.

This one is with AFA Founder and President, Donald Wildmon

wildmon123(No, it isn’t, not really.)

ABC’s marketing department needs to be fired.

unusuals-abcIf you’re like me, you endured months of promos for “The Unusuals,” the new cop show set up in the unenviable post-“Lost” timeslot. And, if you’re like me, you quickly grew tired of the quirk being shoved down your throats.

“They arrest people in hot dog costumes and one-man bands! Ain’t that wacky? We think so, hee hee hee haw haaaaw!”

After three months of this, I not only didn’t want to watch the show, I was violently against it. But I am also a man who will watch almost any pilot, provided they give me something. And as annoying as the promos made the premise seem, “odd cops, odd criminals” is, to me, at least worth a gander.

So imagine my surprise when “The Unusuals” turned out to be not that odd at all. Just good.


What exactly ARE zombies for?

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Braak
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Sometimes I say things that I shouldn’t be allowed to say–things like, “If no one is going to use zombies for what they’re for…” as though maybe there is a specific thing that zombies are for, and all right-thinking zombie stories are confined to that particular usage.  I keep expecting someone to challenge me when I say crazy stuff like that, but most people can’t be bothered, so what happens is, I challenge myself.

What do you mean, “what they’re for“?