Busy Busy Busy

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Braak

Probably will not have time to do a whole post today, so instead let me direct you to two items of moderate interest:

Firstly, my professional acting debut:  Birdy, at Iron Age Theater.  It is currently playing in Norristown (though we are off this week; expect things to resume the week after Easter).  There are lots of pictures of me being crazy and acting like a bird, and also I think videos of me being crazy and acting like a bird.  I don’t expect that too many of you live nearby enough to see it, but I felt like I should mention it.

Secondly–and this is ALSO something none of you are likely to be able to see–this coming week, the dramatic version of The Locked Eye is going up in the Vagabond Acting Troupe’s Annual One-Act Festival, also in Philadelphia.  This is a play that took it’s entire premise from the passing mention of a fictional book in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, and also from the fact that there really is a place called the Industrial Home for the Blind.

  1. V.I.P. Referee says:

    Looks very interesting–wish I lived close enough to catch it.

  2. threatqualitypress says:

    I actually haven’t seen the live version. Is it good? Is it bad? Did he turn the whole thing into a soft-shoe musical number?

    I have no idea.

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