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Posted: April 13, 2009 in Threat Quality

God damn it.  Because I just looked at the Kindles sales of my book, and discovered that I’d sold fifty copies last month.  So, it was working, and I was happy about it.

And then Amazon does something like this.  Maybe this was a mistake, or an error on their part (people have theories, whatever), but I’m not going to stop being pissed off about it until I see a press release.

[UPDATE:  Amazon is calling it a “glitch.”  Based on the information available, I consider this explanation unsatisfactory.]

Amazon has been quietly removing the sales listings of books with homosexual themes, thus leaving them out of searches, because they are categorized as “adult.”  They are, likewise, not removing books that have explicit heterosexual sex in them, nor are they removing many titles in which you can read about a man getting his head exploded.

If it is a policy, I can kind of understand it:  they want to avoid seeming like they’re in support of some kind of agenda, and are trying to make the “controversial” books kind of hidden–the lunatic anti-book fringe has already conceded a lot of territory in terms of regular vanilla sexiness and good old-fashioned American violence, so those books can stay.  The problem is, doing something like this makes you look like you’re supporting the anti-homosexual agenda–an agenda so thoroughly spiteful it seeks to eradicate even the thought of homosexuality from human consciousness.

The way that you avoid having an agenda is like this:  “We sell books.  Here are some books.”  It was very easy, and Amazon.com has apparently fucked it up.

Anyway, I think it remains peculiar that here in America we consider it more damaging to the precious, fragile innocence of our precious, fragile little babies to know that homosexuality exists because they read Stephen Fry’s memoir, than it is to read Laurel Hamilton’s insane Merry Gentry books, where some woman gets fucked six ways from Sunday, and also a man gets turned inside out and chopped up with a sword.

Whatever, so, here’s a petition you can sign in protest.  In the meantime, I’m suspending Kindle sales of The Translated Man.  This is more a symbolic gesture than it is anything else, but it’s something, at least.

  1. Andy says:

    Interestingly enough, you have no trouble finding The Turner Diaries.

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