At the Movies: Pixar’s Up

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Braak, reviews
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Go fucking see it.  At once.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    I’ll probably have a slightly longer review in a week or two.

  2. Megan says:

    Over ten years ago now I met one of the guys that now works at Pixar. The name was Ted Newton. I hope I got that right I’m never good with names. He was working at the disaster of a movie animation studio Warner Brothers at the time. Very hyper person. At least Pixar is genius enough to realize his genius. The other studios Disney, Warner Bros. both fired him stepping on their egos. He had his own stories that he told in story board format. They were solid words of art then! The one I saw was “Boys Night Out.”

  3. Amanda says:

    Can I just tell you that I wasn’t interested in seeing this movie at all – I am SO sick of Pixar and its monotonous monopoly – even despite the RAVE reviews it’s getting. However, from this single line of text, written by YOU, I am now going to see it first chance I get.

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