Hand of Danger!

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Braak, comic books, Jeff Holland
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Hand of Danger page 18 previewYou know who never gets sick?  Tommy Cait, Hand of Danger.  He doesn’t get colds, or the flu, or fucking SWINE FLU.  He doesn’t sit around leaking mucuous into his throat, with a fever and aches…

Oh, god, I’m going to die.  I should have gotten that stupid vaccine.  Fucking swine flu.  FUCK YOOOOOOOU!


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Hand of Danger page 18

  1. Hsiang says:

    I hope you feel better soon. And stop breathing on your keyboard, you’ll get us all sick!

  2. V.I.P. Referee says:

    Oh, that’s awful. Get well soon–drink lots of water. It’s difficult to drink too much water, especially when you’re sick (unless you tend to drop “Ecstacy” while overcoming viruses, which many wouldn’t recommend doing—ever). Use Aceteminophen (Tylenol) sparingly, no matter how achy. Chamomile, ginger and peppermint teas will make it more bearable. If twitchy chills start and starry spots begin popping in your head, you know where to go. This should not stand in for professional medical advice and you should consult your doctor ( 😀 )

    (Sshh–Hsiang, show a little discretion and compassion. Don’t you know a person can die a horrible, excrutiating death from having “Swine flu”?)

  3. Hsiang says:

    Yes, V.I.P., I do know that but I don’t want to catch it from him on the interweb machine. Still, I am a cyclopean tower of compassion.


    There, that should do it.

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    Ewwwww, he’s all phlegmy.

    Not Tommy, though. Picture of health, that boy.

    “Hand of Danger”: Reading It Will Keep You From Getting Swine Flu!

    Spread the word!

  5. Hsiang says:

    Sooo, Braak doesn’t actually read his own stuff?

  6. braak says:

    Not if Holland’s worked on it.

  7. V.I.P. Referee says:


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