Stomping Around in the Dark: ‘Drag Me to Hell’

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Jeff Holland, October Horror, reviews, Threat Quality
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Drag 1Your enjoyment of Drag Me to Hell will largely play towards how much you like Sam Raimi movies, and whether you have any particular aversion to Justin Long.

The Raimi issue: Tonally, it’s not nearly as “adult” or invested in its mood as a Simple Plan or The Gift; nor is it as knowingly goofy as the Evil Dead and Darkman movies. But it’s far more sleek and confident than the rambling, bulky Spider-Man movies, and it also avoids the odd choice those movies made of casting bit actors who can’t act.

As for Justin Long: Well, I like him. And here he plays a remarkably supportive boyfriend, which is a nice change of pace from the usual “dick boyfriend” usually featured in horror movies (looking at you, Xander Berkeley in Candyman). So.

Anyway, assuming you can cope with these issues, Drag Me to Hell is fantastic, primarily because it should be called “Allison Lohman’s No Good, Very Bad Week, And On Top of It All, She’s Getting Dragged to Hell.”

It’s a comedic horror movie rooted in an utterly universal feeling of having Just The WORST WEEK, even without the gypsy curse. Nothing goes right for her. She’s losing a competition for a drag 2promotion at work. She’s got to meet her boyfriend’s parents. She’s on a crappy diet. Things just suck for the unassertive girl – and then suddenly she’s in a battle with a creepy old gypsy woman for her very soul.

Granted, with that in mind, you can’t play the movie as straight horror, but Raimi’s got a good handle on his slapstick tendencies this time around. For instance, the front-seat/back-seat fight between Lohman and the Creepy Gypsy Woman both pretty funny (a stapler to the face is comedy gold, never forget) and also tremendously brutal.

Good, fun Halloweeny rental.

  1. Lisa says:

    I want to watch it – but I’m afraid it’ll scare me. Will I be able to handle this movie? What if I follow it up by watching something funny like, say, SuperBad?

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    There are plenty of stuff-sneaking-into-frame shocks – and a few old-school gory FX – but on the ol’ disturb-o-meter, it only pings about a 5. You should be able to handle it, and depending on how amusing you find the Raimi splat-stick humor, you might not even need to follow it up with a comedy-chaser.

  3. Amanda says:

    But…..but……..DOES IT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING??????

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    It has AN ending. Will that do?

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