Just Say “NO!” to Mad Science

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Horror, Jeff Holland, monsters, October Horror, Threat Quality
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I am fighting a losing battle with horror movies, because ultimately I find ideas a lot scarier than images. And horror movies (and the devoted FX people who work on them) tend to focus on the visuals.

But while individually, these movies – particularly those in a sci-fi/horror vein – often lack in the story area, the visuals carry an overarching theme: DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH SCIENCE.

altered states 1

If you think it’s a good idea to unlock primordial urges? DON’T, or this will happen.
From Beyond

If you want to unlock the doorway to other dimensions – specifically if you are prone to violent rape fantasies – DON’T, or you will start doing this weird crap!

If you see a weird glowy meteor thing, DON’T TOUCH IT, or you’ll become Michael Rooker on a particularly bad day.

And finally, if you were thinking about dabbling in teleportation technology?

The Fly

DON’T! Not even your Jeff Golblum-y charms will save you from horrible mutation.

See? Sci-fi horror is nothing if not a public service announcement against playing with Mad Science.

Movies teach us lessons, children.

  1. thechicgeek says:

    Must…stick…finger…in…transmutagenic..acid! It…calls… to… me!

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    No, Matt, no! You have so much to not-live-as-a-lumpy-drooling-mutant for!

  3. Lisa says:

    Yes your wife would not appreciate being married to a lumpy-drooling mutant. Happy to see the nod to Slither – one of my favs. Must add it to the list for Saturday viewing.

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    Slither is AWESOME, and also incredibly gross. And I mean Michael Rooker BEFORE he gets all monsterfied. That guy just activates my gag reflex. Something about him…maybe I just always get reminded of his eating the ass-pretzels in Mallrats.

  5. V.I.P. Referee says:

    This posting shows absolute proof that science and all science-y stuff, is very, very bad. We must stop it. Me must join together to stop SCIENCE.

  6. Illogic says:

    Have you seen Pontypool yet?

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