Secret Initiative Four Unveiled!

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Threat Quality
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tqp-logo-readyLadies and gents, welcome to the final of our four secret initiatives trotted out over the last couple months: Burn Down Bloody Twilight, a new novel from Jeff Holland, co-writer of Threat Quality Press.

Burn Down Bloody Twilight is an action-adventure, a fairy-tale for adults, and a western playing in the fantasy sandbox. It’s about people destroying their home in order to save it, and confronting their own gloomy pasts in the process.

More to the point: it’s a book with a lot of swashbuckling, hard drinking, sword fighting, zombie killing, and zippy dialogue – in other words, all the things I wanted to read in a book? I put in a book.

Let’s let the back-cover blurb do the heavy lifting:

“Bloody Twilight, a kingdom already on the brink of collapse is under siege by an army of dead soldiers brought back to murderous life. The mastermind: a dark magician called Grolev, who, to make matters worse, is also holding captive The Orphan, the last surviving member of the royal family.

“Her only hope for rescue rests with Bloody Twilight’s castoffs: Quinn Kind, forest-dwelling clan mother; Captain Victor Mene, lone survivor of his own army; Welles, a magician with a vested interest in the kingdom’s dark past and future; and Nathan Cord, former military golden boy, The Orphan’s favorite uncle…and the king’s murderer.

“This dysfunctional band of saviors soon realizes their toughest enemy isn’t the horde of murder-minded corpses – it’s themselves. As they travel back to Bloody Twilight, they must confront the past mistakes that crippled their homeland. And in final battle against the undead soldiers, the misguided elite guard, and the vicious Grolev, they must find it in them to shed their anger and accept responsibility for the past if they’re to win the war – and destroy their home.”

There. That’s the story. It started as a fight against the stodgy dialogue that drove me nuts when trying to read Tolkien. I wanted the battles and armor, but I also wanted people to talk like they were interesting and fun to listen to. I had intended it to be about 30 pages. It ended up clocking in at 390 (action-packed!) pages.

Burn Down Bloody Twilight goes on sale next Friday, and to whet the whistle, I’ll be posting short excerpts and images all next week.

If you liked the previous Threat Quality novel effort, Chris Braak’s elegant The Translated Man, you’ll want to read this – the TQP attitude in fiction-form. (And if on the off-chance you hated The Translated Man, well, you might still like this one, since Chris and I have very different fiction-writing styles.)

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your grandma, if you think she might be into a boisterous fantasy-actioner. Burn Down Bloody Twilight. Coming next week to finer Print-On-Demand sites near you.

  1. V.I.P. Referee says:

    You realize you’ll sell a million copies based on that title alone. I’m on board to read it, anyway.

  2. V.I.P. Referee says:

    “Every time they make another [fantasy book], they burn our village down!”

  3. Hsiang says:

    Hmmm. Color me intrigued. Any chance of getting an ARC? Just kidding.
    I recently attended a panel on current trends in non-conciliatory fantasy literature such as stuff by Martin, Morgan, Abercrombie, and Erikson. I took notes, I should tippy-tappy type up something. Io9 probably wouldn’t post all this sword and castle stuff but I think I know a blog who would.

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    a) I don’t know what that means, and b) sure, write it up, go nuts.

  5. braak says:

    Also, shit man, what are you talking about? No one hated The Translated Man. It was the most beloved book of our generation.

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