An Open Letter to Maine

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Braak

Rather, an open letter to the narrow margin, of approximately one quarter of the population of Maine, that voted to repeal the gay marriage law.

Dear shitheads:

You are fucking disgusting.

There are no words, of course, that will change your mind, because you’ve wrapped what is nothing more than a poisonous, petty cruelty in the invincible armor of indignation, a pretense of righteousness that will protect you from even the basic self-awareness that children and dogs are capable of.

But you are not righteous.  You are an embarrassment.  You are an embarrassment to your fathers and their forefathers, you are an embarrassment to your state, you are an embarrassment to those of us with the misfortune of having to acknowledge you as fellow Americans.  You have brought shame to humanity, which has for thousands of years struggled painfully to rise above the moronic bigotry and simple-minded, idiotic wickedness that you’ve demonstrated.

You are not righteous, not at all.  Your God is the one that says only sinless men should be casting stones.  Your God is the one that says to harm the least of your fellows is to harm Him.  Is this how you treat your God?  You’re lucky He’s forgiving, as any other sensible God would have afflicted you already with the hemorrhoids, herpes, leprosy, lice, fleas and dysentary that you deserve.  He would have stricken your livestock, and killed your children with a meteorite.  He would burn your cities with brimstone and turn your wives to salt, for you have committed precisely the same crime as the wicked people of Sodom and Gomorrah:  you have been pointlessly cruel to a stranger who has never done you harm.

You are the Sodomites, you disgusting sons of bitches.

I don’t believe in Hell, and even if I did believe in it, I could never believe that a just God would send anyone there, not even for something like this.  I don’t believe in a God of vengeance that will visit on you the punishments that you have begged him for, and I don’t believe in a karma that will see the universe giving you what you deserve.

But there are days, like today, when I really wish I did.


  1. wench says:

    Thank you. Maine made me feel ashamed and depressed; your letter made it better.

  2. Hsiang says:

    If I may speak for my many relatives in that moose-infesteded region– Hell yah! Mean people suck.

  3. K. Liebert says:

    This also needs to be addressed to all the sycophants in California that voted this past March. Mean people suck.

  4. Hsiang says:

    As a Californian I feel utter shame about the Prop. 8 debacle. We’re still fighting the good fight but the haters have the upper hand for now. bleh.

  5. Erin says:

    Yeah. That just about covers it. Well said, Braak.

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