Liveblogging the Olympics, Conclusion

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Threat Quality
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Lisa: So what defines Canada is ummm….. politeness?

Holland: Is this really “slam poetry”? Isn’t it just “doughy guy says nice things about Canada”?

Tad: politeness, maple leafs, molson/labatt, and curling

Holland: And neck-beards.

Tad: Oh, and Mounties!

Mike: For the love of god…light the damn torch!

Lisa: YAY KD LANG!!!

Lisa: Oh no – not this song [Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen -ed]!!!!! Ruined forever by Watchmen.

Holland: She may yet win this song back from the Superheroes Boinking in an Airship scene.

Tad: They could have cut like 40 minutes from this and had a great ceremony… time to celebrate the good countries, mock the silly ones, get a little Canadian flavor, and then start the damn fire.

Holland: I think Canada was happy for the attention, but just didn’t know when to quit.

Tad: Canada: Thanks for Watching, eh!

Lisa: Right now Celine Dion is so angry at Anne Murray!

Holland: The longstanding Dion-Murray feud escalates!

Holland: I think they just turned all the lights on in the stadium – are they all supposed to go home now?

Tad: Better not… 4 hours of build-up for the torch!

Holland: OK, world – you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. In Glorious Canada.

Lisa: T-minus 3 minutes – just enough time to go pee and get another beer. Thanks Canada.

Holland: “Canada’s always happy to help you get another beer, eh.”

Tad: Canada: plenty of time to pee and grab a beer!

Holland: Do not say “mechanical failure,” Costas. DO NOT SAY “MECHANICAL FAILURE.”

Lisa: Canadians. Not so technically proficient.

Tad: Well, 3 out of 4 ice torches, isn’t bad.

Holland: No, YOU can follow Wayne Gretsky, Costas. I am moving on.

Lisa: Really Holland – you’re moving on – after all we’ve been through together tonight? I mean really – what else is there to watch on Friday night? Caprica?

Holland: Sigh…No…I’ll watch the Great One light the second, apparently more important torch.

Holland: Hahaha nobody watches Caprica.

Lisa: The Great One trots off to light the OTHER cauldron – you know – the one that people can actually see outside…. Go Wayne!

Holland: Wait…is Gretsky lighting the outside torch while we listen to Joe Biden wax nostalgic about the last time he was in Vancouver?

Tad: Oh wow, and they have to truck him over there.

Mike: Hey! Let’s make the 2nd cauldron 5 miles away so Wayne Gretzky has to ride outside in the rain to get to it! Good idea, Canada. Good idea.

Lisa: And it’s lit! And so am I!

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