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Posted: February 25, 2010 in Threat Quality
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I think John Krasinski would be a pretty good Captain America.

That is all.

  1. deb says:

    I agree. Wholeheartedly. Also — I don’t know any of the other guys being considered.

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    They are:

    The paralyzed guy from Friday Night Lights
    The one guy from Cloverfield – no, not that one, the other one
    Some haircut from Gossip Girl
    Some guy with a small part in Smallville
    Some guy from the 4400.

    So, yes. I am up for Krasinski.

  3. braak says:

    Yeah, you know, I’m okay with this, also. Especially if the focus is Steve Rogers turning from nebbishy kind of guy into a superman–there’s a kind of interesting position that he’s in where psychologically he’s still a 98-pound weakling but physically he’s Charles Atlas…

    No, I think this could be interesting.

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