It’s just about midnight, and the most peculiar, wonderful thing just happened.

Forgive me, because I know I’m not going to explain it in the way it needs to be explained.

I’d gone out to my porch after doing some edits. And in the quiet night air, I heard whistling.

It was  perfectly pitched, slow and considerate, echoing through the alleyways. The tune was unknown to me, but at the same time oddly familiar. Like a lullaby I didn’t know I’d heard before.

An idly whistled song without a source. No clack of footsteps to go along with it, no muffled conversation behind it. Just a soft, lonely, staggeringly beautiful melody.

Then this mystery voice started singing words in the same tune. But before I could make out any lyrics, the voice disappeared entirely. It didn’t fade into the distance. It simply stopped.

I honestly wish I had access to a piano right now, because I know I’ll forget the melody soon, and I really wish I could keep it, it was that hauntingly lovely.

Sometimes the world gives you a gift. Something you didn’t realize you wanted.

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