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Posted: March 23, 2010 in Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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Back later with something slightly more substantial, but for now I just wanted to point out that Chris Evans has officially been cast as Captain America.

This is good. While perhaps not as interesting a choice as John Krasinski might have been, it also could have been cast by any number of attractive, well-built blond actors with the relative charisma of a turnip.

Evans has long been the best part of movies that are not exactly what you’d call “good” (much like Ryan Reynolds over on the forthcoming Green Lantern). That is the faintest praise that can be directed at Fantastic Four 2, but he’s still earned every bit of it.

I would also like to point out to every other website that posted this news: You see how this picture doesn’t make him look like a preening underwear model? It took me FIVE SECONDS to find it.

Granted – there do seem to be a LOT of pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off.

Anyway, a charismatic actor in a WWII set adventure flick directed by Joe Johnston. At best, this could be Raiders of the Lost Ark. At worst, it could be The Rocketeer.

And I fricking love The Rocketeer.

  1. Moff says:

    I’m not as excited about this one as so many people are. Evans is a little smirky. As the Human Torch, smirky was perfect. Cap is not smirky, though. When Cap smiles, the smile is 100 percent wholehearted happiness. And when Cap doesn’t smile, which is mostly, it’s because he’s being entirely serious, because he is in the very serious business of FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. I don’t know that Chris Evans ever looks entirely serious.

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    I think that might be helped by two things:

    1) Much of a smirk is in the eyebrows, and Cap’s mask/helmet will obscure those a little, and

    2) I have confidence that he can move beyond “smirk,” just as I believe there is more to John Krasinski than smirks and eyerolls. But an actor with a natural sense of humor is more likely to deliver a range of emotions than, well…Channing Tatum.

    Seriously, you have no idea how worried I was when I saw that dude’s name pop up.

  3. Tad says:

    Krasinski is way more than smirks and eyerolls… he’s also shaggy hair!

    I don’t like that he has already played a different Marvel character. I realize that Marvel Studios doesn’t have the rights to F4, so its unlikely they’d be in the Avengers movie, anyways, but that still bothers me a bit.

  4. V.I.P. Referee says:

    I also like Chris Evans’ acting; it grows on you. His “Abercrombie & Fitch; Spring Break Soldier” looks initially throw you off and lower your expectations, until you realize he’s in on the joke with the audience and capable of having lots of fun with it. He’s effective in serious mode for the same reason; it catches the audience off guard. I’m interested in seeing what he does with this role.

    Oh–and Jeff:

  5. Jeff Holland says:

    @VIP: No, like a good jetpack.

    With fins.

  6. braak says:

    @Moff: That is the best description of Captain America that I’ve ever read.

  7. Moff says:

    @braak: I ADORE Captain America. I don’t have a favorite superhero, but if I did, he would be it. And I think that’s why I can’t get excited about this movie at all. Because unless it somehow manages to be simultaneously (1) cool, and (2) emotionally resonant in a way that is true to the ideals of Western civilization, and (3) very heart-on-its-sleeve without making apologies for it but without being cheesy, I’m going to be disappointed.

  8. braak says:

    See, it’s interesting; part of what I liked about John Krasinski as Captain America is the idea of him as a sort of nebbishy geek becoming the Captain America that we know and love. World War II seemed like an ideal setting for that, too.

  9. Moff says:

    @braak: It would have been interesting to see. I instinctively felt very unsure about it, but I’m having second thought; I instinctively felt very unsure about Achtung Baby the first time I heard it, too. (I MAY BE A LITTLE TIPSY + 1 CIGARETTE RIGHT NOW.) The episode in Season 1 of The Office (American version) where the office plays the warehouse in basketball, and Jim reveals that he’s not only kind of a dorky Everyguy but also can hold his own on the court—that moved me; it was just unexpected and perfect, and basically highlighted the difference between the U.S. and British versions: that Americans aren’t willing to settle for these sharp delineations between traditionally manly (“bad”) and smart and dorky (“good”). And now that I’ve thought about it, I could see him doing that in the movie, too.

    I must now sous chef for my wife and then watch Lost. THIS IS THE RICHARD FUCKING ALPERT EPISODE. ANSWERS.

  10. Jeff Holland says:


    Boy, you would’ve thought that, huh?

  11. Jeff Holland says:

    Also: NO, DAMMIT, I am the biggest Cap fan around.

    I mean it. There is no era of Captain America in my lifetime I can’t make some good case for.

    Well, obviously, other than Liefeld – and yes, here’s the requisite horrible picture:

    (Or Jurgens, that was just boring as hell.)

  12. Moff says:


  13. Moff says:

    (Yeah, you’re probably a bigger fan than I am.)

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