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Posted: April 6, 2010 in Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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More later – I want to do a little talking about the Dr. Who premiere – but first, let’s address the issue of the lesbian teen in Mississippi who wasn’t allowed to go to the prom with her girlfriend.

In a move that shocks absolutely no one who holds a dim view of human nature, the school district apparently held a decoy prom for her, her girlfriend, and a few kids with learning disabilities. Meanwhile, across town, was the real prom.

Now! It is easy to say that this town is full of bigoted, childish, hillbilly dirt-eating chicken-fucking window-licking sons of bitches. It’s fun, too. But this is a site where we look for the positive (when not calling people idiots or, uh, window-licking sons of bitches), so here it is:

Throughout this experience, Constance McMillen has been given every incentive in the world to get the hell out of Bumfuck, MS. She has learned that this town holds nothing for her, does not support her and will never help her become the person she probably should.

I mean, every teenager thinks this of their hometown on some level, but McMillen has empirical proof. That doesn’t come along every day, y’know.

Meanwhile, voices of support all over the internet have shown her that there are many, many places where this level of Institutional Assholery do not exist.

And hopefully, when she graduates, she will pack a bag and run for those places as fast as her little legs can carry her.

  1. As we proceed into the 21st century, we may find that more thoughtful or non “traditional” students gather empirical proof of the intellectual poverty of their hometowns, and certainly hometown educational institutions. I know you could find it at your hometown educational institution. This event is more blatant but in a society where the bully mentality is how we proceed with our politics, it seems in line with the cultural behaviors we need to change.

  2. V.I.P. Referee says:

    Sometimes, I forget how isolated I am on the East Coast in New England, where this sort of situation in present day, would just stand out as bizzare and patently ridiculous. It’s just so completely…cruel, inhumane, pointless and on top of that, a gross waste of local resources and energy in the effort to fuss over it as a town. I cringe to think of my tax money ever being funneled into these enclaves of self-absorbed stupidity, but that’s usually where it ends-up, as these idiots trip over their own toes and moo and ninny to the beat of prejudice and ignorance (isn’t “ignorance” an obsolete term, really? Is it even possible to not be exposed to diverse information about such hot topics?).

    It’s a shock back into reality to know there are still areas in the U.S., where entire towns agree upon this sh*t and set out to make the lives of people who are minutely different from the majority, very, very miserable. I wish more and more for a “mind-control, laser-gun”, everyday. And it’s not like I wasn’t wishing enough for one, already…

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    I think that’s what raises the situation to unintentional comedy – these people are spending an AWFUL lot of time, money and effort on being this pointlessly mean-spirited.

    The ADULTS in this school district, are doing this.

    It’s like a horrible reality-show sequel to Footloose.

  4. Tad says:

    @VIP – for some reason I thought you were a Michigan-area person, not New England. Must have been somebody else in the multitudes of TQP posters!

    @Holland – the term “window-lickers” still makes me laugh every time I read/hear it.

  5. Jeff Holland says:

    It conveys a lot in four syllables.

  6. SB7 says:

    @VIP let’s not be to hasty to think all the enclaves of batshit insanity are somewhere, you know, out there [waves hand vaguely in the direction of the midwest].

    I went to school in a progressive, cosmopolitan suburb of DC, and this particular bullshit never would have been considered there. But the school district was still run by administrators and teachers and parents who were every bit as ridiculously stupid. They just expressed it with outwardly different sorts of shenanigans. It may not have looked like Itawamba but it exhibited all the same pettiness, and waste, and small-mindedness, and immaturity.

  7. RickRussellTX says:

    Here’s the version for boys:

    Prom season always brings out the knuckle draggers!

  8. Hsiang says:

    As a proud window-licking American I find these prom proceedings terribly shameful.

  9. V.I.P. Referee says:

    @ Tad : I’m a CT dweller, but I hope I served the good people of Michigan well as their temporary, unofficial representative.

    @ SB7 : Fair enough. I can’t huff-n-puff, then put on my hypocrite dancing shoes and expect applause. But there is a lingering suspicion that New England, the coasts, metros—virtually any area that tends to lean towards a more liberal, political affiliation in line with an emphasis on human rights—seem less likely to hold entirely separate proms for gay students, while entire towns approve of it. It certainly could happen. Always anticipate the next dumb thing in our communities.

    @ Hsiang : I also approve of window-licking patriotism and find it very supportive of the spirit of the “Green Revolution” that our country so desperately needs. However; it should be noted that I am less enthusiastic about its potential influence on long-term, Public Health.

  10. SB7 says:

    @VIP, I totally agree that I would never expect to see a potemkin prom put on to trick a gay student where I come from. I just think administrators and parents would find other situations to show how juvenile they are.

  11. dagocutey says:

    @Jeff Holland — Dude! You are priceless: “hillbilly dirt-eating chicken-fucking window-licking sons of bitches” — I’ve been laughing at this in my head all day! You are deeply and profoundly silly, and thank you for sharing your gift. Truly, it’s the only appropriate response to this kind of lunatic shit.

  12. V.I.P. Referee says:

    @ dagocutey : It certainly prompts some very rich imagery, when you take the time to break it down. You’ll remember these golden lines the next time you witness some form of hillbilly-ism. And there’s no “off button” for the kind of laughing that will follow.

  13. Jeff Holland says:

    @Dagocutey: I laugh, so that I may not punch.

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