And the Franchise Confusion Begins…Now

Posted: May 11, 2010 in comic books, Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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The Iron Man 2 kicker, with [OH MAN WITH SPOILERS WHAT THE SHIT HOLLAND!??!?]

Thor’s hammer, has just ended. My friend turns and asks:

“What the fuck was that?”
“That was Thor’s hammer.”
“Who the fuck is Thor?”
“The Norse god of thunder. He’s in the Avengers too. There’s a movie coming out next year.”
“You know there’s another superhero movie coming out? Green…something?”
“Green Lantern. Yes, I know.”
“Is he in the Avengers?”
“No, he’s a DC character. He’s in the Justice League. With Superman and Batman.”
“And what’s Thor, like an alien or something?”
“Seriously, we just…Norse god of thunder.”
“He’s a god?”
“And he’s on the same team as Iron Man and Captain America?”
“…I think that’s where I’m out.”


Good luck with the Thor movie marketing, Marvel.

  1. braak says:

    Yeah, but he’s a Norse god. Those guys got knocked around a lot. The superhero movie scene is getting a little crowded, but I’m still confident in The Avengers.

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    Yeah, Spoiler whoopsie. Slipped my mind that that might not be common knowledge.

    Anyway, I’m interested to see how they integrate Thor – who, realistically, shouldn’t fit all that well with the Iron Man/Hulk/Cap movies, which all seem to inhabit the same “superhuman arms race” idea.

    Which…you guys have seen the first Thor promotional image, right? Just checking.

  3. braak says:

    I think they handled him in Ultimates pretty well. He’d have to be carefully integrated into the story, a kind of unreliable “nuclear option”, but it’s definitely possible.

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    So, assuming every actor’s contract stipulates something about an Avengers film, we’ve got:
    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Hulk (though I think for budget reasons alone, keeping Banner as a scientist and using him – rather than Thor – as the unreliable nuclear option might be a possibility)
    Black Widow

    While it’s a bad idea to overstuff a movie like this, it’s also a rare opportunity to launch a couple new movie series as a result:
    Ant Man (but only if the Edgar Wright adaptation gets underway)
    Black Panther (seriously, guys, how have you not made a movie on the premise ‘What if Batman was the leader of an African nation with advanced technology’?)

    Who else can we cram in there?

  5. Black Panther has only been sidelined by Hollywood’s inability to look at a black action movie and see anyone other than Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington as star.

  6. braak says:

    Not even….


  7. Jeff Holland says:

    Let this be the first time I’ve ever said this, but:

    I would poop myself with joy if Djimon Honsou were to play the Black Panther.

  8. Oooh, Djimon … no, no, it makes too much sense.

  9. Ciji says:

    I had the same conversation with my nephew.

    Word on the Black Panther mess. Honsou would be too much like right, and Hollywood doesn’t do right.

    Oh, and did my boy Don kick ass as Rhodes or what?

  10. Jeff Holland says:

    Don Cheadle was so, so, so much easier to listen to than Terrance Howard.

  11. braak says:

    Yeah, my only problem with Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2 is that it drove home just how much I would have preferred Don Cheadle in Iron Man 1.

  12. V.I.P. Referee says:

    I’m appreciating the education. While there are select comics I’ve long held near and dear to my heart, I’m not remotely at your collective level of “Iron Man” knowledge or Holland-level general comic book authority. So, yeah, what that guy said–Djimon Honsou as “Black Panther”. Djimon Honsou does have an incredibly intense screen presence, if that matters at all.

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