Great Moments in Iron Manitude, Part 3

Posted: May 13, 2010 in comic books, Threat Quality
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“Holiday greetings from Tony Stark. And yes, I’ve had…quite a few eggnogs, now that you mention it.”

  1. braak says:

    Eggnog is Tony Stark’s favorite part of Christmas.

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    it’s also Tony Stark’s favorite part of Easter, Arbor Day, and several holidays he made up.

  3. Hsiang says:

    Oh, egg nog, the foulest of all nogs.

  4. Carl says:

    There is simply nothing appetizing about the word ‘nog.’

  5. braak says:

    Try imagining it filled with rum.

  6. Carl says:

    Alrght, I admit that helps. Still, I can just imagine RUM filled with rum and then avoid consumption of a drink named after a secondary character from a Star Trek spin-off series.

  7. V.I.P. Referee says:

    “Egg nog” sounds cozy and cute. It makes me think of gingerbread cookies, holly boughs and giggly-looking snowmen. Easy to diassociate hard liquor with that imagery. Unlike its cousin, “grog”, which just conjures-up images of salty, half-mad sailors.

  8. Jeff Holland says:

    Tony Stark once went on a grog-bender that ended up with him attempting to buy Sweden.
    He was eventually haggled down to controlling interest in Ikea.

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