I have decided that my next project will be called…

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Threat Quality
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“Gun Nun and the Fancy Vaders.”

Once I figure out what it’s all about, I will let you know. Right now it’s just a series of typos that I kinda liked. But I imagine it will somehow involve a nun who carries a gun – or maybe two, depending on my mood – and her back-up crew, who are a bit like mummers, and a bit like well-dressed gentlemen, but are mostly like a bunch of Darth Vaders.

Yes. Yesssss, this is alllll coming together….


  1. braak says:

    My next project is called “The Adventures of Okshrang Erromango and Cosimo di Medici — Witch Doctor Space Pirates.”

  2. V.I.P. Referee says:

    Script! Script! I’d love to see Julie Andrews in something like this…

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    I thought about using snazzy alliteration to make it “Gun Nun and the Fancy Fathers” and doing a kind of violent, dandy Catholic soul-band thing, but no. It’s Fancy Vaders or nothing at all.

    Dandy Vaders. Who play brass instruments. I imagine there will have to be special attachments to hook the mouthpieces up to the grates. Also, the Vaders’ asthma will make it difficult to get a good sound.

    I don’t know what I just came up with, but we’re gonna call it progress.

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