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The answer to this question depends primarily on what kind of hat you wear.


OK: if you HAVEN’T seen Inception, Chris Nolan’s seventh consecutive Very Good Movie, just stop reading right now and go out and pay the eleven bucks because it’s actually really really worth that money and more.

And then come back here and read Braak’s thoughts at the above link.

(“But I’m at work!” you say. No no no! Any company that wouldn’t be okay with you catching a movie in the middle of the day is not a company worth working for, and you TELL THEM I SAID THAT when they call you up for disciplinary action. Because trust me, it’ll be funny.)

Aaaaanyway spoilers Spoilers SPOILERS but actually not really all that bad, assuming you’ve seen the trailer and know basically what the movie is about.

I just want to talk about this scene, shown at the top, really, and how it’s not that hard to grasp. (more…)

Posted at my super-duper cool SOE Theater blog.  This counts as a TQP post, too, because you know if I didn’t have an SOE blog, I’d just be writing stuff like this here.

I was a hair’s-breadth from using all of my (completely imaginary, entirely assumed) authority from flat-out issuing a moratorium on staged readings.  They are a pain in the ass, mostly, a lot of times they just feel like a scam, and, in my own, personal experience, they rarely provide any kind of useful feedback.

But, in defiance of the life lessons I learned from Niccolo Machiavelli, rather than simply declaring an enemy and waging war on it, I think an investigation into the subject is in order.

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San Diego Comic-Con, 2011

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Braak

Holland!  You and I should go to this, and we should cosplay as Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison.

Producer: Hey, Zach, what do you want to make a movie about?

Zach Snyder: Umm. Dragons.

Producer: I dunno about that, see people don’t really flock to dragon-movies as much as you might think, even if a bald, wild-eyed Matthew McCaunahey takes one out with an axe in mid-air.

Zach Snyder: You didn’t let me finish.  (more…)

I am not going to review this movie; I am not a movie reviewer anyway, who cares about my opinion?  Maybe Inception is the next Citizen Kane (that seems actually like a bit of a stretch, to me), but I don’t think we’ll know for sure for a little while — the lash, the backlash, the back-backlash, it all needs to die down before anyone can assess it honestly.

The one thing that I will say is that it’s good, and that it deserves to be successful.  It’s absolutely worth your eleven bucks, it’s absolutely worth seeing in the theater, and it’s one of the most intellectually interesting movies I’ve seen in…well, a while.  If you want movies (especially genre movies) to not always be dumb, you have a moral responsibility to see this film.

In the meantime, what I want to do is talk about it.


OK, let’s be clear here – I approach movie announcements cautiously. ESPECIALLY movies based on comic books, because there is a hell of a leap from “There’s gonna be a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie!” announcement, and, well, what actually ends up happening.

That said:  (more…)