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Posted: July 12, 2010 in Action Movies, Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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This guy is going to be Spider-Man in the new Marc Webb-directed reboot. I vaguely remember him from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and I don’t recall him angering me with his performance in any way.

Sorry if that’s a bit vague, but this was a movie where Tom Waits was The Devil and Heath Ledger turned into Johnny Depp JUST BECAUSE. There were some bigger things going on.

– On the other side of things, Edward Norton won’t be the Hulk/Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers movie. What amuses me about this is that Marvel’s Kevin Feige released a letter that pretty blatantly confirmed that it wasn’t a money issue, so much an Edward-Norton-Likes-To-Micromanage-Every-Bit-Of-The-Movies-He’s-In issue.

Meanwhile, Edward Norton’s agent has released a rebuttal statement, which is essentially, “Well. Thanks a lot, dick!”

I quite enjoyed the last take on the Hulk and I think Norton was probably a big part of it – but that said, I don’t know that this will really devastate anyone, particularly if the casting announcement at Comicon is at all interesting (see: Don Cheadle replacing Terrance Howard).

MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE! The Crank writing/directing team of Neveldine/Taylor will be taking over the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance sequel, which is a THING THAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. If I had one complaint (non-Nic Cage Hairpiece Category) with the Ghost Rider movie, it was that it wasn’t nearly crazy enough. This should solve that.

On Comicon: God, I just do not fucking care.

  1. Maureen says:

    The only way they can go with replacing Norton is if they get another Oscar-Nominated (or Winning) Serious Actor. I’ve heard rumors of Adrian Brody, which could work. Unfortunately, it would also make the ensemble cast 10% less good-looking and seriously jeopardize its chances of winning the “Best-Looking Male Ensemble Cast of the ’10s” award.

    So, yeah. I wonder what Matt Damon’s doing next summer?

  2. braak says:

    Aw, I don’t think so. Bruce Banner was never a big part of the Avengers. He just needs a couple scenes to set up the premise (that is: the Hulk is going bonkers!). It’d be a waste of an Oscar-winner, especially considering that Avengers is going to have so much inertia and name-recognition going for it already that it’s unlikely that any famous talent would be much help.

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    Man, I do like the idea of Adrian Brody, and even if it’s a few scenes to set up “Bruce Banner’s gone rogue” – which, we haven’t seen a script or anything, but personally I’d really like the Hulk as the (initial, at least) antagonist, but – that’d be a really fun (though probably prohibitively expensive) cameo.

    That said, you know who did the voice of Bruce Banner in the animated Ultimates adaptation “Ultimate Avengers”? Michael Massee – and man, if you want to save money while also getting a squirrelly character actor for a few good scenes, Michael Massee would do the job really well, for a reasonable price.

    (But hell, if we’re just picking cheap genre actors who do good “Mad Scientist,” Jeffrey Combs could use some work.)

    Now I feel like we should do a post on B-movie actors that could really bang out a great comic book performance.

  4. braak says:

    We should really do a post on B-movie actors who could stand in for anyone that someone was going to pay money for.

    Like, why isn’t Jeffrey Combs just in everything? And did you know that Kevin Conroy is also a regular actor?

    Also, holy cow, look at all the actors that worked on Batman–Richard Moll, Adrienne Barbeau, Ron Perlman, John Glover, Harry Hamlin!–that is a movie all by itself.

  5. braak says:

    Though, in fact, it doesn’t hold a candle to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which featured the vocal talents of Meg Ryan, Martin Sheen, and STING.

  6. Jeff Holland says:

    Get the fuck outta here, really?

  7. braak says:

    He was the voice of Zarm, along with Malcolm MacDowell and David Warner. ALSO, oh shit! The first voice actor for Verminous Skuum was Jeff Goldblum!

  8. M says:

    Sorry to barge in, like, a year and three months later but… In the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Heath Ledger’s character didn’t turn into turn into Johnny Depp “just because”. Ledger died during the filming of the movie, so in order to finish it they needed to bring in other actors.

    So…yeah. R.I.P Heath.

  9. braak says:

    The “JUST BECAUSE” refers to the movie’s in-story explanation, not the real life conditions that required it. I am pretty sure that Holland was — as were most people — aware of the fact that Ledger died during filming.

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