Your Comic-Con (Early-Sunday) Minute

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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OK, let’s be clear here – I approach movie announcements cautiously. ESPECIALLY movies based on comic books, because there is a hell of a leap from “There’s gonna be a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie!” announcement, and, well, what actually ends up happening.

That said: 

Following the “Marvel Movie” panel tonight, I’m not sure what makes me giggle like a school-girl the most –

– The official, no bullshit, seriously guys Jeremy Renner is going to be Hawkeye (and for those not aware of Hawkeye’s general character, if you cram Renner’s characters from “The Unusuals” and “The Hurt Locker” together and then have him mouth off at Captain America a lot – THAT IS HAWKEYE)

– The fact that Robert Downey Jr. seems to be embodying Tony Stark full-time whenever he goes to Comic-Con

– The fact that even though I keep thinking I don’t really give a shit about Mark Ruffalo as the new Bruce Banner, I realize I’ve really liked him in every movie I’ve ever seen him in

– The overall belief that long-time-favorite-of-mine character actor Clark Gregg is “the glue” that holds the Marvel movies together

– In Chris Helmsworth, the realization that Marvel movies seem to have accepted something obvious – you can get an actor to play a role and THEN make him work out (and seriously, his left arm alone is twice the size of Natalie Portman, so shut up, everyone who wanted a pro wrestler or bodybuilder to play Thor) and that is GOOD THINKING, or, well:

Lookit that. That’s a solid bunch of actors, under a great director whose primary care is character interaction rather than explosions, creating a movie that, by all rights, should not be possible.

And that is a hell of a thing.

  1. Erin says:

    Hell. Yes.

    Is there a chance the movie could be a disappointment? Of course: nothing as big as The Avengers can be adapted without that possibility.

    But so far, just about everything looks right. And I’m really, really optimistic that this is going to be amazing.

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