San Diego Comic-Con, 2011

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Braak

Holland!  You and I should go to this, and we should cosplay as Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison.

  1. Jeff Holland says:


    (Especially since we’d both have to shave our heads.)

    OK, so for the Ellis costume we will need:
    – Lots and lots of black clothes and a black fedora
    – A bit of padding (Ellis isn’t exactly fat, but he is a thick guy)
    – Lifts (he is also a tall guy)
    – A cane (I know Braak has one, and I’ve got one from my “Dr. House” costume that I maintain was the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER)
    – Cans of Red Bull
    – The time to grow a manly beard

    For the Morrison costume we will need:
    – Big spacey sunglasses
    – A shiny silver suit.

    This might take a little work.

  2. braak says:

    I have motorcycle boots that give me an extra two or so inches of height, I think that could do it.

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