Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn City

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Threat Quality
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Based on the new ruling against Todd MacFarlane, and the judge’s hilarious comments that followed it, I have come up with the idea for a new TV show.

It involves Todd MacFarlane, going around town, being followed by a camera.  Everywhere he goes, someone gives him some great idea for Spawn that’s, like, a hundred times better than the ideas he actually has.

Pizza Guy:  Hey, what if there was a rogue Spawn that was an Aztec priest, before the Conquistador era?  He could have freed himself from the Malebolgia’s influence by sucking up power from all those human sacrifices.

MacFarlane:  Uh.

Accountant:  So, what if there was a deMedici Hellspawn that was actually embezzling tiny amounts of power every time he did something so that he could manufacture a new deity and upset the entire structure of the cosmos.

MacFarlane:  Hm.  Well.

At the end, Todd MacFarlane kills himself.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    Uh-oh, here comes surprise guest-star Erik Larsen!

    (Audience: Clap clap clap Yaaaaaay Woooo Ow-ow!)

    …To beat up the pizza guy and accountant for asking Todd to give them money for their ideas because Todd would have, eventually, come up with them himself!

    (Audience: Booo hisss I thought this was a Daily Show taping? Quiet you! booooo)

  2. Maureen says:

    After the end credits, the probate court awards Image to a consortium consisting of the previous writers, led by Judge Crabb.

  3. braak says:

    If the Internet can truly answer my prayers as the physical embodiment of the NerdGod, then Judge Crabb will soon be the go-to meme for dealing with people who are creatively bankrupt.

    “Transformers 3 was ridiculous. Someone needs to get Judge Crabb in there. She’d be all, ‘Why didn’t you just have another strata of Cybertronion culture that is now attempting to annex and colonize earth as the premise of this installment?'”

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