‘Scott Pilgrim’ Review-o-Scope

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Action Movies, Jeff Holland, reviews, Threat Quality
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Most Dickishly Ill-Informed Comment:
“Scott Pilgrim — O’Malley flatters himself by borrowing the last name of Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ hero — is played by Michael Cera…”
Actually, O’Malley homaged Canadian indy rock by borrowing the whole name from an entirely different source, but fuck research, right, Hollywood Reporter?

Most Minor Thing to Get Wrong That Still Annoys the Crap Out of Me:
“Scott plays bass in a Toronto emocore-type band called the Sex Bob-ombs…”
No, Salon.com, he actually plays in a band called “Sex Bob-Omb,” as evidenced by Kim Pine screaming “WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB!” before they play a song.
(This is everybody referring to the superheroes as “The Watchmen” in Watchmen, all over again!)

Roger Ebert Achievement Award For Old-Guy Condescension At Something He Doesn’t Understand:
Oddly enough, this one doesn’t go to Ebert, who sadly has not posted a review (nor for The Expendables, which actually kind of surprises me).
Instead, Salon walks away with a two-fer, for Matt Zoller Seitz’s supplemental article “Scott Pilgrim: The End of the Nerd Ass We Know Him,” which seems to be under the impression that geeks, nerds, fanboys, whatever-you-wanna-call-them, only became a marketing demo over the last couple of years – and his mind is totally BLOWN to learn nerds  aren’t portrayed as the kind of hapless social maladroits you’d find in such recent fair as Revenge of the Nerds.

Nicest Review So Far (Non-Comic-Con Category):
“Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world even if the landscape is, at first glance, unfamiliar…”A.O. Scott, New York Times

I’ll let you know what I think, since I’m actually catching a matinee at noon. Braak may have already caught last night’s midnight show, so…you’ll hear about it, is what I’m saying.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    Quick update to add:

    The “Nicely Put, NPR” Award:
    “But I have to say to those reviewing it: what’s completely unnecessary is being hostile and condescending about the target audience — and I can say that, because I’m emphatically not part of it.” – Linda Holmes

  2. braak says:

    Have seen this film. It is rad. RAD TO THE MAX.

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