Hey internet: Why you so nutso over the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ remake?

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Threat Quality
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Why’s everyone so intense about the casting of the Lizbeth Salander character in David Fincher’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake?

Seriously, to put it into perspective, people don’t care as much about who’s in the new X-Men movie. That is how much passion Dragon Tattoo fans are bringing to this. 

For that matter – if it’s in the same setting, and everyone is being asked to put on Swedish accents, and you are getting actors that look an awful lot like the original cast, then, um…what, really, is the point of even remaking it? The first movie came out in the states EARLIER THIS YEAR.

The third movie in the series hasn’t even been released yet.

I would presume the reason is “Because American audiences don’t like subtitles and enjoy occasionally recognize the actor” (and you just KNOW Ebert’s Law of Economy of Characters is going to blow the killer’s identity for new audiences). In which case, why NOT translate it to make it a little more, y’know…American?

Why not set it in a rainy, cut-off town in the northwest? It’s essentially the same, but it gives American audiences a geographic familiarity that might allow them to invest further into the story.

And that way, you don’t have to worry about all the actors whose last names aren’t Skarsgaard fucking up their accents.

Fine: DON’T listen to me. See if I care.

  1. I liked the book, didn’t much care for the movie. I think Fincher is the perfect choice for the material. It is a procedural similar to Zodiac, which I loved, and if anyone can make that kind of library investigation interesting, it is Fincher.

  2. Jack B. Quick says:

    I totally agree. That’s why Erik Skjoldbjerg’s Insomnia worked so well in Chris Nolan’s adaptation.

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    I absolutely agree that Fincher is a perfect director for this material. (And Daniel Craig’s a fine choice for the lead. I have no opinions on Rooney Mara, but I’m going to assume Fincher knows what he’s doing.)

    As for adapting a previous film, “Insomnia” is exactly what I was thinking of – the switch in setting was minor, but it meant we didn’t have to sit through Al Pacino doing an accent. (I have no idea what that might have sounded like, but something tells me Pacino’s not an “accent guy.”)

    My experience with the book was weird, because my library system’s wait-list was up to like 117 holds. So I tried both the audiobook download, and the large-print edition.

    This is how I learned that listening to flashback narration is incredibly tedious, and reading a large-print makes you feel like you’re going through pages at half the normal pace.

    As for the movie, I quite liked it as a bit of modern noir, and Lizbeth is a very interesting protagonist. I was less impressed with the resolution, because it depended on a character wearing a very specific piece of clothing as identification, which kind of struck me as ridiculous – but the strength of the character writing was enough to get me through it.

    Anyone else read the book? (SOMEONE had to – seriously, 117 holds.) Thoughts?

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