Cordoba House, and the Perils of Poor Reasoning

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Braak, crotchety ranting
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The issue of Cordoba House, what idiots are referring to as “The Ground-Zero Mosque”, is the kind of issue that bothers me the most when it comes to argument.  It’s not just that the people who oppose it are wrong (and idiots), it’s that they are SO WRONG that it becomes a problem to refute any one part without inadvertently seeming to support another part.

It’s not a mosque, and it’s not at Ground Zero, but even if it WERE, “Islam” isn’t the same fucking thing as terrorism, but even if Islam WERE the same thing is terrorism, the foundation of American religious liberty is built on the idea that we shouldn’t stop them from building it, anyway.

You see the problem?  If my argument rests on, “it’s not even a mosque,” or “it’s two blocks away; you wouldn’t even be able to see it in New York,” it subtly suggests that I don’t ALSO oppose the issue on the grounds that Islam isn’t synonymous with terrorism.  Like by saying, “it’s not even a mosque,” the implication is that things would be different if it WERE a mosque.

The fundamental issue here is not whether or not it’s a mosque, it’s not how close to Ground Zero it is, it’s not even whether or not Islam as a whole should be responsible for all terrorist suicide bombers who are Muslim.  It’s that the rule in America is:  religious liberty.  Period, end of discussion.  The second we even consider some bullshit like this — some bullshit like, “oh, they can LEGALLY, but should they do it, morally?”

THAT is the second when the terrorists win, because that is the second that we, as Americans, say to ourselves, “Yeah, you know, maybe Iran’s got the right idea with this theocracy thing.”  “Religious liberty” is a universal, absolute freedom.  It is not something we permit only as long as it doesn’t hurt our feelings, it isn’t something that we’re okay with just so long as you want one of the “good” religions.  Religious liberty is religious liberty; if my house were blown up by terrorists, and Al-Qaeda wanted to open a terrorist death-mosque across the street from the crater with a big sign on it that said, “Woo, terrorism!” I’d STILL let them do it.

Because I’ve thrown my lot in on the side of religious liberty.  I believe it’s better for humanity, I believe it’s better for America, I believe it’s better for anyone, and I am absolutely committed to the belief that it will win out in the end.  That commitment is what’s virtuous; not this super-PC, “think of the children” bullshit demogogery that Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich are trying to foist on us.

And.  While I’m on the subject:  Ross Douchehat has a piece in the New York Times about the “Two Americas.”  On the surface, he’s trying to bridge the gap between different ideologies, I suppose, but even a half-hearted read reveals it to be the worst kind of sophistry imaginable.

He’s first trying to undermine the principles of liberty and tolerance that are the foundation of the fucking country, by claiming that these principles, rather than being a culture of freedom, are just high-minded ideals that are the fodder of liberal speeches; the topics of those who can talk a good game, but not really the beliefs of the people.  No, the real American people are bigots, he says.  Make no mistake, the “second America” he talks about, the one that hates and fears foreigners, the one that encourages immigrants to assimilate (the one that condemned thousands of immigrants to die building the railroads that made the native aristocracy rich) — those are bigots.  This is the very definition of bigotry.

The very idea of “assimilation” as something that benefits the society, for instance, is something that is only a positive outcome to the “second America” he talks about.  “Assimilation” isn’t a presumed positive; for most people who understand that culture is a living, changing, adaptive system, the idea of “assimilation” doesn’t even make any sense.  The only way you could force immigrants to “assimilate” is if you were trying to preserve some particular kind of culture against dilution or disruption, and the fact of the matter is that the second a culture needs to be preserved is the second that culture has died.

If you replace “second America” with “bigots”, Douchehat’s attempt to find a compromise between the two reveals itself as the false-parity-mongering crap that it is.  There is no parity between “bigotry” and “not bigotry” — one of these is manifestly better.  There is nothing to be learned from America’s history of being bigoted motherfuckers, except if it’s to learn just HOW BIGOTED the country has been, despite the fact that every single bigot was the victim of some other bigotry.

That Douchehat would write a defense of the anti-Cordoba bigots, promoting a false parity between tolerance and intolerance, is itself indefensible.  It is, moreoever, plainly not an attempt to add to the intellectual landscape of discussion on the issue (because, frankly, there is not really a varied intellectual landscape regarding the discussion of the issue, except insofar as one might wander off the unassailable cliffs of reason and into some dank swampy pit of stupid fucking idiocy).  It is instead a completely transparent attempt to serve a narrative that tries to divide America into the camps of high-minded Liberal Elites who think they’re better than you, and pragmatic, Real American bigots who will turn America back into what they thought it was like in 1956, or die trying.

Man, I hate that guy.

  1. Hank says:

    You make me cry, Braak. Cry with awe.

  2. katastic says:

    Much as I hate to quote you, I believe I have to share this on Facebook.

  3. braak says:

    It’s a natural response.

  4. Tad says:

    Yes! Very well done, sir. The half-defenses (“its not a Mosque, anyways” and the like) have been driving me crazy because there is simply no need to make those kinds of distinctions. Its the same with a lot of the “Obama isn’t a Muslim” defenses. Its just not the kind of thing you should have to defend. Freedom of religion, no religious requirements for office, its all pretty clear!

  5. Jeff Holland says:

    It’s really sweet of them to be so concerned about what goes on in Manhattan, considering it’s a hotbed of godless commie east coast elitists who hate freedom and are out of touch with the rest of America anyway.

    Just so, so frustrating, when you don’t even know where to START with your anger.

    Though this bit from the Daily Show last night was a nice first step (the whole segment’s great, but at about the 7-minute mark is where we get to what should be the obvious point – using, of all people, Chuck Heston as a mouthpiece):—homeland-edition

  6. V.I.P. Referee says:

    Man, Douthat irritates me. He’s the kind of annoying that could only exist in a nation where people have the right to be that annoying, without facing publicly-sanctioned silencing and beatings. Just a few days ago, he was raving on about how marriage between a man and woman offers something uniquely significant to society–something so precious and beneficial, that same-sex marriages should never be allowed a place of equal reverence on that plane of awesome goodness. Basically, ’cause heterosexual marriages can produce babies on the cheap and a lifelong vow made between heterosexual people is more sacred because…it’s made between two adults who have different things between their legs. Society can build a real foundation on that sort of perspective; it’s like, embracing “Lego” luv (but hopefully, without a mixing of all those crazy colors). Thanks, Douthat, for keeping your crackpipe dreams “pure”.

    Clearly, this is not about the neccessity of any logical arguments. Logic does not play into the activity of changing things to suit a pre-determined opinion, rather than considering factual information first and basing an opinion on it afterward.

  7. braak says:

    Man, I HATE that guy.

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