Y’all are about to get Happeninged

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Horror, Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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If there’s a better way to spend a Friday night than the Colonial Theatre’s First Friday Fright Night in Phoenixville, I don’t wanna know about it. There is something truly joyous about a bunch of people coming to an old movie house to see a cult film for the first time (the absolute best way to see, say, The Fly) – or even better, laugh communally at a really bad movie (the best way to see, say, Zombi II).

And for Labor Day weekend, they are spreading the joy, by playing The Happening on Saturday, the 4th.

If you have never seen The Happening, I urge you to watch as M Night takes a fairly interesting B-movie premise (the Earth has decided to kill off mankind to save itself) and some really terrific scary visuals (if you can’t get unnerved by a man simply laying down in front of an oncoming lawn mower, you have icewater in your veins, my friend), and COMPLETELY BOTCHES THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION by, well, being M Night.

Which suddenly makes it one of the – bar none – funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

So if you find yourself in the Phoenixville area this weekend, you have a great way to kill 90 minutes. I would imagine the entire audience will be made up of 90% people who want to laugh at Mark Wahlberg’s bizarrely wooden performance; 5% people who have never seen the movie and have heard how howlingly bad it is; 3% newbies who have actually heard it’s good, and 2% people who were extras during the filming.

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