Threat Quality Launch Party!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Braak, Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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KAPOW!  Party time, you punk suckers!  Today is the day that Threat Quality Press’s two newest novels drop.  They are available, as it were, primed and ready for your rapacious gaze.  Quivering with anticipation.  Here, anyway, have some champagne.

Now, we’re still waiting on the electronic versions of the books; there were some delays caused by the fact that Amazon’s approach to “converting” files into Kindle form doesn’t actually seem to do much converting.  (Would you believe that the best form to upload them in is “web page”?  I would not, if you had just told me that!)

Those should be ready by the end of the day, though, so keep checking.  In the meantime, please consider the analogue versions:

Burn Down Bloody Twilight by Jeff Holland

Bloody Twilight, a kingdom already on the brink of collapse finds itself under siege by its own dead soldiers brought back to raging life. The mastermind: the magician Grolev, who holds captive the last surviving member of the royal family – The Orphan.

Her only hope for rescue lay with Bloody Twilight’s castoffs: pixie leader Quinn Kind; Captain Victor Mene, lone army survivor; Welles, a magician with a vested interest in the kingdom’s dark past; and Nathan Cord, former military golden boy, The Orphan’s favorite uncle…and the king’s killer.

As the choice to save Bloody Twilight or put it out of its misery becomes more complicated, these misfits soon learn their toughest threat isn’t the hordes of murder-minded dead – it’s themselves.

Available for $11.99 at the TQP Store (which–hey, surprise!  We have a store. Kind of.)  Kindle versions (and an iPad version) will be available in hours, I swear.
UPDATE! Kindle edition is available Right HERE!

Here, here, don’t stop drinking.  Have a manhattan.

Anyway, you’ll see from the size and shape of these books that we’ve had to play around with some formatting.  It’s basically purely psychological, I guess; I mean, I could make a print copy of the book that was in 10×12 format, and bump the font size down so the thing was only a hundred pages long.  In so doing, I could shave a couple dollars off the price (printing cost is per page) — but I’d be worried that the person who bought it would feel like they’d gotten ripped off.

What you’re seeing is a compromise between trying to make these books as ordinarily book-like as possible, while also keeping them cheap.  (You should also notice that the shipping on these guys, unlike at Lulu, is no longer quite so extortionate.)  Anyway, have a look at this guy:

Mr. Stitch by Chris Braak

It is three years after the second launch of the aethership “Excelsior”; the Ettercap War has ended and Trowth has returned to a traumatized semblance of normalcy, but is now menaced by an unseen adversary. A terrifying, merciless hand has seized control of the heresies in Trowth, and is using them to bring down the Empire itself.

The city’s unsung hero–diseased, drug-addicted, Detective Inspector Elijah Beckett–is the only man who can save Trowth from herself, but his own mind and body have begun an inexorable spiral into decay, from which he may never be able to recover.

This one is also $11.99 at our TQP store, hooray — and ONLY $4.99 in Kindle Form! (Before you get the Kindle edition, though, read this.)

And, finally.  I’ve put out a new edition of The Translated Man — now called The Translated Man and Other Stories — so as to get all of our editions in the same place.  It is basically the exact same edition, only it now includes three new short stories!  One of them is “The Hangman’s Daughter” — published in Black Gate Fantasy Magazine; one is “Elijah Beckett’s Job” — which you can read right here at TQP; and the last is a never-before-seen short story called “Cresy and the Sharpsie.”

Naturally, I don’t expect that anyone who’s already bought The Translated Man is going to shell out twelve bucks just to get three short stories (really two, since one is already available for free); but for anyone that wants to read Mr. Stitch and HASN’T got a copy of The Translated Man, this is the one that you want.

And, naturally, some of you may be interested in contributing to a new charity called the Help Chris Pay His Rent Fund.

The Translated Man and Other Stories by Chris Braak

The gray, icy city of Trowth is hollowed out by war, and now haunted by the degenerate spawn of a monstrous science. Only a drug-addicted detective and a young man with a gift for mathematics have the means to solve an enigmatic murder–a murder that may be the key to saving Trowth from certain destruction.

$11.99 at the TQP store.  Hot sexy Kindle Action, all for $4.99, can be found here.   iPad edition coming soon!

You’ll also see, if you’re an avid payer-of-attention to Chris Braak, that I’ve made some color changes to both this and the original Mr. Stitch cover.  Peculiarly, Amazon’s Createspace seems to add a lot of red in between taking my PDFs and putting them into a book; so the dark blue-on-blue I used for Mr. Stitch, and the kind of gold-on-green I was using for this one, both of them became essentially illegible after the printing process.  Hooray for trivia!

Finally: you’ll be able to find this books in a couple different places. Here at the store, just around on Amazon, even potentially in BOOKSTORES — actual ones, made from bricks and things. Amazon will sell copies of these to retail outlets for us…but the best place to buy them is the store, since that’s where we get the highest royalty. The next best place is on Amazon itself. Electronic versions, it doesn’t matter where you get them from.

If you want to buy them at a regular store, we won’t begrudge you that, though, so do whatever, it’s cool.

Here, have some more champagne.  Then buy a book, this isn’t a god-damn library.

  1. PaisleyPajamas says:

    Congrats to you both!

  2. Jefferson Robbins says:

    I was just at the Facebook thing, but I was a bit early. Anybody here yet? Any cool people?


    Just me?

    Well, off with the pants, then.

  3. Jefferson Robbins says:

    Shit, sorry Pais. Didn’t see you over there. Why are your pants on?

  4. braak says:

    I am naked already. But this is basically because I just roll into the office from bed.

  5. Jeff Holland says:

    I’m…I’m at work. They kind of need me to wear pants.

    Well, not need, exactly. But they appreciate the effort.

  6. Anna says:

    I need more booze! Also, I bought some books! Where’s the cheese plate?

  7. Jeff Holland says:

    SHIT! Who forgot to put out the cheese plate?

    GOD, I am never hiring these caterers again.

  8. Stuck at school with a blocked Facebook. Arggghhhh…

  9. The caterers probably ate the cheese before we got here. Damned Party Down Catering.

  10. Jeff Holland says:

    And WHY is that bartender so FAMILIAR?!

  11. deb says:


    I love a good party!!!


  12. J.Gold says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m drinking hard to make up for it.

  13. Jeff Holland says:

    Too late, pal-o-mine, I been wearing a lampshade for EIGHT HOURS NOW.

    It’s like wearing a really big fez.

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