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Philcon is probably the least impressive of SF/Fantasy conventions, but it has the admirable merit of being conveniently located to the Threat Quality Press Global Stronghold, and while Holland and I work out the precise logistics of how to run a publishing imprint with a catalog of five books, it’s on our shortlist for “hey, here’s something we can do.”

Because, you know, we have to do SOMETHING.

It’s gotten to the point, though, where I’m kind of embarrassed to ask if people are going to Philcon.  WorldCon, sure, or DragonCon, but I’m afraid to say, “Hey, are you going to our podunk little convention in New Jersey?  Where you can hang it with such genre luminaries as ME?”

Well, we’ve got Peter S. Beagle this year, so that’s great.  I wish more people knew about the thing.  When you look at the website, you get a little worried about buying a ticket, like maybe this is actually the same machinery they had up last year?  And that there’s no ticket to be purchased at all?  I had the same experience when I went to Philcon last year, and they wouldn’t let us into the dealer hall right away, and I wandered around the hotel for a while, unable to find anyone, convinced that I’d actually gone to the wrong place.

But, whatever!  Let’s be positive, here.  There’s actually a couple of pretty good authors that live in this area — Jonathon Maberry, Gail Martin…me.  Quirk book is run out of Philadelphia, they might have someone there.  It’s possible that it will be an entertaining time!

Really, though, I need to solicit your advice; the last time we went to Philcon, TQP only had one book in our catalog:  The Translated Man.  I did a decent turn with it, I think I sold about ten copies, which was enough to cover the cost of getting the table, and also enough to pay for lunch (technically, this is called a “profit”).  These numbers actually appear to be better than anything we’ve managed from our half-assed attempts at web or magazine ads, which is why I’m trying the whole thing again.

One of the things we did, though, was print up a bunch of flyers for TQP the blog, as opposed to TQP the imprint, and we re-ran certain hilarious blog posts, in the hopes of attracting more readers to the site.  SO!  Friends and readers of TQP — assuming that we can fit in about ONE regular-sized blog post onto the flyer, what do YOU think would lure unsuspecting con-goers into making TQP a regular part of their reading diet?

  1. Moff says:

    You know, Fleshbot last week ran posts showing Jessica Alba’s, Kat Dennings’s, and Kirsten Dunst’s boobs, and that would probably go over pretty well.

  2. braak says:

    Yeah…that’s a good idea, but I’d be worried about giving the wrong idea. I mean, if we lure readers in with pictures of boobs, doesn’t that mean we’d have to KEEP PROVIDING boobs for them to look at?

    It’s not a bad idea in theory, except I don’t really have great access to celebrity tits.

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    I could try to improve TQP’s access to celebrity tits, if you guys really think that would help.

  4. Carl says:

    Speaking of celebrity TQP involvement, if nothing else, you should name drop Mark Waid as part of your promo. (How well his boobs will go over as part of your marketing efforts is another matter entirely.)

  5. James says:

    Something that you might explore -and I don’t mean to be as pissy as this is likely to come off, but I’ve been counting to 10 for more than a month now, and am evidently as calm as I am likely to get – would be ensuring that, for example _Mr. Stich_ was legible when purchased from amazon’s kindle store.

    For example, as things now stand, if a consumer were to purchase said work from amazon, perhaps intending to read it on his smart phone, or failing that, his pc, the consumer would find that all the apostrophes in this work have been replace by (in the first instance) little square blocks, because it doesn’t know what font to use. In the second, PC case, the mark in question is replaced by the following glyph: “” Those spaces are part of the glyph.

    This would be the task to which I would bend myself. Ensuing I was providing a product that could be read.

    Honestly, I am frustrated –this is a book I want to read! but also sad. Because it makes me totally disinterested in acquiring anything else with the TQP logo on it, despite how promising many of those products might seem to me. So, some considerable sadness.

    Still, I hope your booth goes well and that you able to procure a fantastic lunch.

  6. braak says:

    Oh, man, are you kidding me? I have been going nuts trying to make this thing come out legible. All the other books turned out fine, but I can’t make this god-damn thing work. When did you get it from Amazon? All the previews on the most recent copy showed it as being fine. You said you were trying to read it on your smartphone–is that using the *.mobi file?

    DAMN IT.

  7. Just to be nitpicky … looking at the Philcon website I see that they do not offer tickets. Memberships yes, tickets no.

  8. braak says:

    Yes, well, I mean. If you’re buying a “membership” to a “convention,” how is that different from a ticket?

  9. Two things …

    Some jurisdictions have taxes on “tickets” – sort of an entertainment tax. Much like movie theaters.

    Tickets are usually purchased for the purpose of being entertained, ideally one is going to a con to not so much be passively entertained (which is not to say a con can not be entertaining, sometimes even in a train wreck way …and lord know I’ve been to my share of such over the years!) but to be a member of a group of like minded folks.

    That said, I am reminded of this comment by a noted philosopher: “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member” — G. Marx

  10. braak says:

    I think under the circumstances this difference is semantic.

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