Why yes, I AM on the Global Frequency as a matter of fact.

OK? All you iPhone users I have been scolding and lecturing for fiddling with it while pretending to be paying attention to the social event you are physically, if not mentally, attending?

I get it. Fiddling with the phone is…calming.

I am now the proud owner of an LG Rumor Touch (aka, “The Phone Sprint Was Really Excited About Two Years Ago”). It is…convenient. Pretty intuitive touch controls, Ready access to email, Facebook, Twitter (in theory, though right now it’s being finicky). Barebones views of io9, AV Club, and this here site, all at the tap of a screen.

Very shortly I’ll stick a 16GB micro-SD card in there, which means while it won’t replace my current MP3 player, it will act as a fine emergency backup (at the very least, it’ll force me to think about which “unimpeachable albums” I actually need – looking at you, Talking Heads “Remain in Light”).

And thanks to this site, everyone I know will soon have a personalized ringer and photo for when they call. (Which is ironic, considering I actually don’t like talking on the phone all that much, but I got on a roll.) 

My point being, it effectively gives me the functionally customizable phone I’ve been desiring without breaking the bank with a new data plan. And while I sadly won’t be able to join that Scrabble knock-off game all my friends seem so enamored of, I somehow will learn to cope.

So now, of course, I’m thinking of projects that would specifically work for the phone. Which means I’ve been thinking about comics.

The idea came to me while my girlfriend and I were waiting in the airport, and I ended up on some link or another displaying Calvin and Hobbes comics. Unfortunately, the phone’s screen proved just a little too small to read. Which got me thinking about how well a 3”x2” screen could work as a single-panel display.

Warren Ellis was talking a while back about serialized comic strips and whether it was time to revisit the idea as a storytelling device (and here’s my excuse to show one of Travis Charest’s “Spacegirl” strips):

And of course, that got me thinking – that would be perfectly readable on my little screen.

Just thinking out loud now, but using this format – with phone screen size as a jumping-off point – also solves a drawing problem I’ve always run into, which is frustration at laying out a page. Only having to worry about how one panel tells a tiny piece of the story certainly does remove that obstacle.

(The other, more notable obstacle: I am no Travis Charest.)

It may be time to dig out a couple previously ignored comics pitches and see if any of them are viable for a little micro-experiment of this type.


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