Now I can blog from my phone

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Threat Quality



Here is a picture of the bar where I will spend my time from HENCEFORTH!

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    I’m gonna need to know how you’re doing this.

  2. braak says:


  3. Jeff Holland says:

    Well I didn’t think it was arcane sorcery.

  4. Jeff Holland says:


    Text messaging upgrade, eh? I’m onto your game.

  5. braak says:

    It’s the WordPress blogging app, actually. Let’s me just plug right in.

  6. V.I.P. Referee says:

    That’s a pretty solid picture. Relatively clear. Not too much “fuzz” around the edges. Very awesome-looking bar, by the way. It’s obvious we have a genuine “fancy pants” in our midst, an uppity elitist who prefers to get sloshed at places that actually mop-up after you. It even has windows.

    @ Holland – Always expect arcane sorcery. Then be pleasantly surprised when you consistently find-out arcane sorcery had nothing to do with it. Never leave yourself open to hexes by wizardfolk, who might feel compelled to cast “The Evil Eye” on you as punishment for your blustering arrogance. Or “The Glad Eye”. I forget which is the right one. I think the latter is the one you really need to worry about.

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