Threat Quality Shoe Challenge!

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Braak
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Attention internets!  I do not understand about things like “fashion,” or “shoes,” or “buying.”  So, I am turning to you, electronic super-brain, for advice!

I need new shoes.  I have some pretty specific requirements, and I want to know if any of you guys have ever heard of a shoe that is like this:

1)  Kind of looks like a regular converse shoe:

It doesn’t have to look exactly like it, though, I’m okay.  I just want something that’s kind of plain-looking, and doesn’t look like regular vinyl space-sneakers, like I’d have to pay a thousand dollars for.  Also, if I could get something without some hideous logo on it, that’d be rad.

2)  Warm.  Regular converse shoes are cold as hell.  I once had a pair of converse all-stars, and I wore them in New York.  The cold concrete sucked the heat right out of my feet through the bottom of the shoes, I had to sit with my feet on the radiator for thirty minutes before I could feel them again.

3)  Sturdy.  I am hard on footwear (and clothes in general).  And I hate buying shoes, so I don’t really want to have to get a new pair more than once every three or four years.

So, that’s the challenge:  who knows where to get a good pair of shoes that are — plain, warm, and sturdy.


  1. dagocutey says:

    Hmm, “plain, warm and sturdy” — sounds like a boot to me. Specifically, the Vasque Sundowner boot. Check them out at:

    The photo doesn’t really do them justice — they’re basically a streamlined hiking boot (not the clunky kind). Worn with a thin wool sock, they keep your dogs dry and toasty — and looking HOT (although that wasn’t one of your requirements, hotness never hurts). You should be able to find them at any larger outdoor shop (and even smaller shops, as they’re a classic). Oh yeah, and they’ll pretty much outlive you, so slam away. Good luck with your search!

  2. braak says:

    Yes…except, what I really want is a sneaker with many of the characteristics of a boot.

    I have boots.

    I’d be willing to make some sacrifices in the area of “warmth” if it meant I got something that looked a little more like I could go running in it.

  3. dagocutey says:

    Hmm, yes, this is a challenge. If you haven’t already, try googling “all terrain shoes” — this might get you closer to your goal. I’ve got a pair of Merrell’s that kick ass. Not sure about the high top look, though maybe Nike’s got something. Happy hunting!

  4. braak says:

    There are some interesting things, here; I don’t know if I could live with myself if I wore hemp shoes, though.

    Man, all I want are Converse All-Star shoes, but made out of kevlar and industrial-grade vulcanized rubber and lined with polypropylene, with the stupid logo ripped off.


  5. braak says:

    Also with gel insoles and arch supports, but I can always put those in myself.

  6. SB7 says:

    Tretorn makes some normal looking shoes. (Like their Skymra SL Canvas.) Can’t speak to their warmth, but I’m told they’re decently sturdy.

  7. braak says:

    Those look pretty good.

    Swedes, though. I don’t know, man.

  8. ASM826 says:

    Here’s my choice. Nike’s latest all-terrain “combat” boots.,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-179377/pgid-192558

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