Electronic Short Story Adventure Action!

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Threat Quality
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Using the power of TECHNOLOGY!, I have made a new short story collection available, electronically, ON THE INTERNET.  All you need is PayPal, or access to PayPal, a willingness to read PDF files, and eighty-three cents!

That’s right, just EIGHTY-THREE CENTS!

Troubled by the fact that my many fans — the ones who purchased the first edition of The Translated Man — couldn’t read the extra short stories in the new edition without buying the whole thing again, I have done something kind of amazing.

I have made a collection of six short stories available to you, the internet.  Second Errata (the name of the collection) contains the three short stories from The Translated Man and Other Stories:  “The Hangman’s Daughter” (first published by Black Gate Magazine), “Beckett’s Job” (available also here at TQP) and “Cresy and the Sharpsie” (so far only available in the book).

As a bit of a bonus, I’ve also thrown in “We Are Shepherds,” “My Heinleins Crumble to Dust in My Hands,” and “The Locked Eye.”  All of these are available here on the site, but whatever, now you can get them all in one place, or easily share them with your friends.

HERE IS WHAT YOU MUST DO!  Send $0.83 USD via PayPal to

threatquality (at) gmail (dot) com

That’s it, you suckers.  Then enjoy some short stories.


  1. dsiohjfges says:

    there are free websites for that like fictionpress.com

  2. braak says:

    Well, I’m trying it THIS way.

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