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Posted: April 8, 2011 in Braak
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Pursuant to my long, aimless, and more-than-a-little pretentious ramble on the subject of Geek Culture, I wanted to point this out.  Nerdyorkcity (a twitterer who I wish I WISH had been around when I lived in New York — before there was Twitter, but so what) linked to this site, in which this cat makes some comments about the NYU Quidditch team..

I’m hesitant to link to it, because honestly it’s kind of gross, but I will because I want you to see what I’m talking about when I talk about the traditional clash between the mainstream culture and the Geek culture.

If you read what he says, and what his commenters say, you can see the problem:  this isn’t, and has NEVER been about objective superiority.  It is 100% about some folks who think and love and behave in all the ways that they know they’re supposed to, and get pissed off because other people are having more fun.

Were our moms right?  ARE they just jealous?

  1. Moff says:

    It’s so weird to me to see an instance of the jocks vs. geeks mentality still alive. It’s just so not a part of my everyday existence anymore—in part because I’m an adult now, and in part because the mainstream just accepts geekiness much more readily now—that it actually has to be singled out and linked directly to (btw, the link is written wrong) for me to come across it.

    In fact, I’m not sure “mainstream” is even the best word to describe the sports site you linked to. I would wager that Quidditch (the concept, if not the actual playing of the sport) has a lot more currency right now than the mind-set that routinely uses phrases like “this kind of pussy.”

  2. braak says:

    Yeah, I don’t know that “mainstream” is right, either; it’s probably just a holdover from my youth, when Revenge of the Nerds TOTALLY resonated with me. But now the culture bleed is so extensive that this kind of mentality is fortunately in a kind of rapidly-dwindling minority.

    Though, he does still suggest that he’s writing for the common man, so I don’t know.

    Link is now fixed.

  3. braak says:

    ALSO: Where have you been during our gigantic Tolkien and Morality conversation? Slacking the shit off, is where.

  4. Moff says:

    Eh, just not what I’m thinking about lately; plus, I haven’t read Wise Man’s Fear yet, and I don’t want to run into spoilers. You totally hit the nail on the head, though, when you mentioned how annoying reading about a teenagers is, even/particularly if he or she is well-written. I just kinda do not fucking care anymore about the pain of heartbreak or whether people in authority like me. Or I don’t have much patience with it, anyway. I think this is why I haven’t picked the book up yet (besides feeling like I need to reread the first one first).

    On another note, you can expect some writing from me soon, like this weekend or Monday.

  5. braak says:

    I think, ironically, the most appealing teenagers for me are the ones that aren’t realistically written. This is because real teenagers are annoying.

    I can’t tell anyone what I know, what would people THINK ABOUT ME? BLLEEEAAARGGH.

  6. Lord Wackadoo says:

    I don’t think this is about jealousy, though I do think it is a form of superiority. Whomever wrote that diatribe against the quiditch participants, did not show any evidence of jealousy that others were having more fun doing what they do than he does doing what he likes to do. I think it was a sheer barbarian’s mentally to hate and to show violence towards anything that he doesn’t get.

    I think that there might be a relationship between the link between latent homosexuality and hostility towards gays and this article. In the case quiddich haters, one could have two reactions to disliking quiddich (or Harry Potter) for that matter. You could either do what I do with things like Boondock saints, which I thought was extremely stupid but others seem to like, so maybe there is something good about that movie, even if I can’t understand what that is. Or I can become enraged at not understanding Boondock Saints and wage war against it and every one who allies themselves with such degenerate filth until the world is purge of the film and it’s followers and I feel less stupid for not getting it. The former has shown to be the more prudent course for me.

    (P.S. I realize that my latent homosexual metaphor is far from perfect. I just hope to subtly suggest that the man who wrote that piece about quiddich might secretly be gay; in case he is reading this.)

  7. braak says:

    But isn’t that WHY latent homosexuals become homophobic? Because they’re really jealous that out homosexuals get all the dick that the homophobes secretly covet?

  8. Lolly says:

    I think the irony is that once out of high school, the geeks are sleeping with the hot chicks and the guys posting on that site are masturbating to images of female Quidditch players and brooms (btw, the hell was that? Gross!). And I don’t even mean rich, new economy geeks either. I mean, quite a few of the girls in those pictures were hot, but then again so were a bunch of the guys. I actually think that geeks, being generally more intelligent than, say, jocks, are far better equipped for using the tools of adulthood (money, clothes, personal trainers, conversational skills – whatevs) that actually help make men attractive.

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