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Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. The vagaries of the television industry are many, and it seems I spoke too soon: it turns out, ALL of the Threat Quality TV upfronts have been canceled before they will go to air. I am sorry Alan Tudyk and Fran Kranz, I am sure you guys will find work somewhere else (? Maybe?). The replacements for the upcoming fall season on CBS will actually be as follows:


Man, there is nothing better than a periodic re-viewing of Batman: The Animated Series.

I honestly believe, before anyone is hired to write a Batman comic, they need to watch this show. Especially the later episodes. Because then there’d never be any confusion over Batman’s reasons for being.

Granted, that also means like 10 years of Batman comics (starting with the plague crossovers and ending after Greg Rucka wrote a Batman who let his bodyguard get stabbed in prison just to keep his secret identity) would never have happened.

But that’s okay, because everyone would understand Batman’s primary motivation a lot better. It’s not about revenge; It’s about caring.

No, seriously.  (more…)

It’s my pleasure to announce that Threat Quality TV has been contracted to produce five new television shows, which will premiere this coming fall on…oh, let’s say CBS.  Are you excited for the new CBS schedule?  You will be!


OK, so as we were talking about, key to creating a good Justice League comic – y’know, AFTER putting a capable writer, artist and editor on it – is starting with an interesting lineup. But that doesn’t have to be the classic “Big Seven,” just because it worked so well when Grant Morrison suggested it.

So let’s play a game. It’s called “Build Your Perfect Justice League.”

But because at the end of the game, your dream-League should look like, y’know, an honest-to-god Justice League lineup, not just a random assortment of folks that are neat, I offer some rules/guidelines:  (more…)

So you wanna write a good Justice League comic, do you? Well son, it’s easier said than done. You’re gonna need three things:

  1. A clear vision of the kind of stories you want to tell
  2. An editorial regime willing to get out of your way and let you tell it, and
  3. A roster of characters that will make those stories sing.

Unfortunately, after reading a recent Justice League collection, it looks like James Robinson has none of those things. (more…)

In the past, I have put together serious considerations of which summer movies I’m going to go and see, but this year, things have been made more difficult.

This year, I’ve not only got to figure out which movies to go to – I have to figure out which COMIC BOOK MOVIES I’m supposed to choose, within the larger selection.

Sigh. It used to be so easy.

At some point, in the distant past, movies didn’t use to cost $11, you see. Tell your grandchildren that. But it’s summer movie season in 2011, and so we’re pretty well screwed. It doesn’t matter that I’ve sworn off seeing the 3D version of things, because I know by and large that’s just a waste of $3. This time of year where you’re not just watching a movie – you’re buying snacks, too.

“But Holland, why don’t you just grab some candy from the Target next to the movie theater?” Ohhh, you think you’re SO SMART, imaginary blog critic.  (more…)

Thome Thoughts on Thor

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Braak, comic books
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I saw Thor over the weekend, and there are some pretty good parts in that movie, which I will discuss. There are also some parts that I think could have been better, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie that didn’t have some parts that I thought could have been better. Art is an aggregation of imperfect efforts to achieve an unattainable ideal! So, to business.

[Oh, uh, spoilers and such to follow]