Living in the Future, part 2

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Jeff Holland, Threat Quality
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The other day, I realized that I’d gone the entire morning and afternoon without once touching a keyboard. My phone uses a touch screen; my new MP3 player as well; and wherever I’d go shopping, I could use a self-checkout machine. Do I want to see a movie? Well here’s a touch-screen on the Redbox.

The touch-screen monitor used to be one of those obvious signifiers of the future in sci-fi shows. “Fringe” actually winked at that earlier in the season, when a case in the alternate universe involved a ballpoint pen, leading the team to wonder when the last time anyone used a pen was, since touchscreen tablets had been the norm for so long in their tech-advanced world.

But yeah. Touchscreens everywhere. No prob. Tablets? Give it a year or two, prices will go down enough that it’ll just be another appliance to buy.

Just me and my bros. Chillin'.

The future becomes commonplace so easily. And I like that. But I do believe we need to remember, the commonplace used to look like fricking magic.

It’s also forcing me to set my signifier ahead a little. From now on, I won’t believe we’re living in the future until I have my own giant robot to pilot.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    In fact, I would like to start a campaign to have the standard “Where’s my jetpack?” complaint with:


  2. John Jackson says:

    I’m looking for that old post where braak recommended a recent urban fantasy, which explains why I’m here. Why I’m comment? I’m going to read a friend’s script, and highlight dialogue–all on a pdf on my iPad. Sometimes I love living in the future.


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