The New DC, Day 4: Pop some Ace of Base into the tape deck and let’s get Xtreme

Posted: June 8, 2011 in comic books, Threat Quality
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I am starting to wonder if DC’s announcements aren’t following some play on the timeline of DC Comics itself:

Day 1: Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash…lot of old-timers.

Day 2: Batman. (Technically he came first, but you get the drift.)

Day 3: All the characters who went dark and Vertigo in the 80s.

And now, Day 4:

Pouches! Jackets! Milestone! Brett Booth! “SUPERSTAR ARTIST” ROB LIEFELD.

Day 4 appears to be 90’s day.

So by that logic…OH MY GOD.

Tomorrow is Grant Morrison, using up the rest of his Superman 2000 pitch ideas!

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    Oh, and it took some random Twitter commenter to point this out, but what’s going on with Superboy there is, Kid Flash taped that sign to his back, and is jerking a thumb in that direction to point it out – because when you want to prank Superboy, taping an S-shield to his back is quite the zinger.

    Apparently Brett Booth came up with that one all by himself.

  2. braak says:

    It’s interesting. That’s obvious, now that you mention it, but this picture is really like a textbook case in bad composition. Just ignoring the basically bad designs, half of which give you no idea who you’re looking at, the whole thing is ridiculously busy — what isn’t covered in glimmery shiny surfaces is just loaded down with grit lines . The poses don’t make any sense at all: why is Red Robin leaping into the air like that? Why is Superboy facing backwards? Why is that mutant bug chick crawling around on the ground? I think the perspective is off, too — Wonder Girl looks like she should be behind both Robin and Superboy, but somehow her laser-whip (?) curves forward between the two of them. They’ve moreover got no relationship to the space that they’re in — where the hell ARE they? On some rocks out in the middle of nowhere? Good. Good setting for the Serious Titans.

    Not only that, but the characters have no apparent relationship to each other. Kid Flash puts the sign on Superboy’s back, sure, but it’s hard to telll that’s what’s happening because not only is it tonally inconsistent with the “Serious Action Teenagers of the 90s” picture, but there’s no other way in which any two characters acknowledge each other. Robin is about to kick Superboy in the face, and Superboy apparently doesn’t even see him. Wonder Girl and Black Smoke GIrl might as well be in a different picture entirely; you could photoshop them out of this and into any picture Jim Lee or Rob Liefeld drew in the mid-90s and not even notice.

    It makes the whole thing seem like a bunch of generic characters awkwardly excised from different pictures and awkwardly shoehorned into a random space.

    Jesus, what a terrible picture.

    (For the sake of reference, compare it to THIS Teen Titans picture. Which character is the leader? Which one takes herself too seriously? Which one doesn’t? What textures are metal, and what are cloth? Why bother including background if the background is going to be essentially meaningless?)

  3. braak says:

    Incidentally, when I was 13 and had no idea what “composition” meant, I would have thought this picture was rad as hell.

    Dan Didio says if DC is going to make a book called “Teen Titans”, then it’s going to be about teenagers.

    On the real, though, Dan DIdio: have you ever even SEEN a teenager? That is not really what pictures of teenagers look like.

  4. braak says:

    GAARRARGH, WHERE IS THE LIGHT COMING FROM? Why doesn’t Black Smoke Girl’s illuminating Hand Power cast any fucking shadows on anyone?

  5. […] The slow morphing of the comic book industry back to the early-to-mid-90’s became most evident when DC’s fresh new directions started featuring a lot of shoulder-pads, Brett Booth and Scott Lobdell. […]

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