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The slow morphing of the comic book industry back to the early-to-mid-90’s became most evident when DC’s fresh new directions started featuring a lot of shoulder-pads, Brett Booth and Scott Lobdell.

But for my money (or rather, the lack of money I spend on comics these days), there is no greater sign that the Big Two would like to return (through science or magic) to the last time comics turned a profit than when I realized there are currently about 15 goddamn X-Men books on the stands.

And yes, four of them have the word “Wolverine” in the title. And another one of them stars a teenage girl Wolverine, so really I guess we could say 5.

Do you know how many comics that is? By comparison, when I was a teenager – at the height of X-men popularity and the speculator boom – I thought, “Wow, there’s 6 regular X-books and a bunch of miniseries…hope they don’t flood the market or anything.” That was when a new X-Men book sold A MILLION COPIES. As opposed to the 20,000 that’s considered a success these days.

(This is because of rap music and the internet and video games and those damn jeggings, I guess.)  (more…)


So, maybe you’ve heard about this thing that happened at Penn State.  The media has suggested that Penn State is “enduring a sex scandal,” but I would argue that a more accurate description might be that Penn State was “complicit in a child-rape scandal.”  In any case, apparently a bunch of cats in the football program and the Penn State administration covered up some child rape that was going on, you know how it is.  A bunch of the students are rioting because some guy named Joe Paterno (hahah, doesn’t “paterno” mean “parent”?) got fired over it.


I mean, first of all, why isn’t the main antagonist Maleficent?  Maleficent put a curse on the whole kingdom because she was pissed that they didn’t invite her to a party.  You know?  Dang.

But something else just struck me, inspired by Moff’s comment on my last post on this subject, where he said:

The whole “Jennifer Morrison is the chosen-one child, but also there’s her kid” just added a confusing, unnecessary layer for me. (If you’re gonna do a fairy-tale story, maybe MAKE THE CHILD your protagonist.)