More Scattered Thoughts on Swordplay

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Braak

So, I decided that I would add an empty-hand martial art to this sort of ad-hoc, Jian-based fencing that I’m trying to teach myself; a sort of — well, let’s call it an intersecting perspective of martial arts that I hope will provide some insight, or at least give me something to do until I’m ready to start learning my second form. To that end, I picked up a book on Wing Chun, which seems to me to be pretty neat; motivated in part by the fact that I unashamedly have a man-crush on Robert Downey, Jr., and partly by the fact that I like the notion of a martial art that focuses on having fast, coordinated hands, I figured this would be a good choice to explore.

The rest is at Ten Sword Style, where I have decided to only post when I actually have some thoughts, instead of just every time I do regular practice.

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