New Year, More New Bullshit

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Braak, crotchety ranting
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So, I am looking at going back to school, and getting a degree in engineering.  I applied at Temple University, and should be hearing sometime very soon — either I didn’t get in, and need a new plan, or I’m starting in, like, four weeks.  Hooray!

On the one hand, I am happy, because I like the idea of knowing how to do the things that I have ideas for.

On the other hand, the notion is actually extremely depressing — representing, as it does, a sort of general failure on my part to figure out how to make use of any of my actual talents.

So, I’m making a list of all the things I want to get done in January — a sort of last gasp of my life as a dissolute, degenerate artist, before my long, slow slide into the soul-crushing boredom of respectability.  (Of course, I say this, but really I’ll probably just spend the next month sitting on the couch and playing Fruit Ninja.  And if you were curious about why I haven’t really made much of myself in terms of anything…well, let’s just say it isn’t always Fruit Ninja, specifically.)

So, writing goals:

1.  I need a new draft of The Unlikely Event space-adventure TV show pilot.


2.  I need to finish the Martian Manhunter screenplay (for real, I wrote this, I’m twenty pages from the end, I think).

3.  I need to finish the pilot episode for the presently-untitled Superhero TV Show Pilot.


4.  Let’s put another draft of Red Frontier — the future space-western on Mars movie — up in this.

DONE.  I want to change a bunch of the names, I think, but that’s not a story issue, so it doesn’t count.

5.  Stage adaptation of Metropolis for Iron Age theater.

6.  I’ve got a short story that needs finishing, too, yeesh.

That’s all the writing stuff, and just looking at it ALSO makes me depressed, because what is the problem that I have here? I’ve got a pile of stuff that I’ve started but never got around to finishing (except the Metropolis thing, which I never actually got around to starting).  I’ve got two half-finished novels sitting around, too, but I just don’t see myself getting those done during the next thirty days, when I’ve also got all this other crap to do.

So, here are some vaguely professional goals:

1.  Submit the pilot scripts to…pilot…script…competitions?  I consider it statistically likely that this is a thing, so I will send them out.

2.  Submit the screenplays to screenplay competitions, I know those exist.  Let’s say each script to four competitions, if I can find them.

3.  I need to put together the materials for an interview series that I’m trying to get io9 to do.

4.  I need to put the materials together for a sort of steampunk thing that I know a couple of people that I can shop it around to.

5.  I’ve actually got ANOTHER short story, about vampires, that’s just been sitting around, I should probably try to get someone to buy that.  (Or, I mean, try again, anyway.)

“Professional goals”, right?  If all of these things pan out, I think I have the potential to net a grand total of slightly less than a thousand dollars.  Which means, to do this as a job, I’d have to not only double my productivity, but also actually be good at all this other shit, which I hate — and also be TWICE as good as doing all that other shit, which I hate.  It’s not impossible, other people do it.  Let’s start with just these though.

While I’m at it, hang on.  I’ve got two fitness goals, too:

1.  I can run about a mile without taking a break right now.  I figure I can get this up to three miles by the end of January.  Being able to run three miles is a good goal, because I don’t ever see myself needing to be able to run farther than that at any given stretch.

PROGRESS.  2 miles, like a badass. 50% complete.

2.  I got a bunch of jian-sword DVDs for Christmas (as well as a new sword, thanks dad), so I just need to pick one of those and start learning that sucker up.  One new form by the end of the month is definitely possible.

Aaaaand some booze-related goals:

1.  Three new cordials.  I need:  strawberries (easy to find).  Ginseng (NOT AS EASY TO FIND).  To roast a habanero pepper without burning my eyes.

PROGRESS.  Two-thirds complete.  Still waiting on that ginseng.

2.  Bitters.  Check this shit out, here are things you need to make bitters:  quassia, calamus, catechu.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL THOSE THINGS ARE, much less where to get them.  I also need caradamom, at least I know what that is, and orange peel — I have special oranges I want to use for that, though.

This is a list of things I want to get done in the next month, so if you see me on Facebook or Twitter or just hanging around like a lazy slacker, do me a favor and remind me that this is probably going to be my last opportunity to do some whatever weird shit I feel like doing.

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    1) Wait, why are you making your own bitters? I get the cordials thing (thanks again, sipping on that right now, actually), that’s fun, but why bitters?

    2) HaHAA, I may have actually cracked a story on a Mentalist spec script. So: GAME IS ON, DUDE. (At Christmas, we made a gentleman’s wager on who could knock out a spec script first, the loser owing the winner a reasonably-priced bottle of bourbon. So.)

    3) Yeah, futz with Red Frontier again, send it when you’re done, and

    4) You may have too many goals. Yes, productivity is important, but the number of projects you’re looking at sounds to me like you’re going to struggle to give full attention to any one of them – particularly if you have these non-writing projects underway.

  2. braak says:

    1) Why not?

    2) WE WILL SEE.

    3) I am going to, that’s what I just said.

    4) Maybe the problem is that I don’t have ENOUGH goals.

  3. Alex says:

    Did anything ever happen with the Martian Manhunter script? That sounds like a pretty interesting read

  4. braak says:

    Man, I did write that one; there’s a chunk in the middle that I want to redo, and a couple bits I want to tinker with. It’s not too bad, but I think it could be trippier.

    Man, it is pretty depressing to look back at this post, I didn’t finish most of this stuff.

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