This Week in Product Placement

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Threat Quality
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ImageSometimes I wonder if TV’s just getting a little better at not cramming product placement quite so obviously as it felt like last year.

Though that might just be because now that 24’s not extolling the astonishing severed-thumb-print-scanning functions of the average Sprint phone, I’m just not getting as much of it in a given week.

So it’s a good thing I still watch Fringe.

Last year, if you’ll recall, it was the Clutch-Cargo-esque drama-tisement for the Sprint Qik, a hilariously awkward videophone feature that seems to have been completely ignored by smartphone owners.

This year…oh boy. It was at once far more subtle, and somehow even more ludicrous. On the SURFACE, at least. 

It seems Olivia and Peter have taken to driving around in the Nissan Leaf, electric car of the future. You would not notice this for an instant, since it is a nondescript hatchback, except that when they get through talking to a witness, they return to the parking lot, REMOVE THE PLUG FROM THE CONVENIENT ELECTRIC FILLING STATION OUT FRONT, and continue to their destination.Image

This is a show that deals with an parallel Earth that casually uses zeppelins for public transportation. And yet THIS is what felt like a stretch.

I chuckled, rolled my eyes, and moved on. Except…clearly I didn’t since here I am looking at the Leaf website to see where there are actually charging stations in Boston (where Fringe is set), and there’s at least 30, as it turns out.

And it also dawned on me – not only was this not outside the realm of possibility, it made sense within the context of the show, since Olivia had destroyed her last vehicle just a few episodes earlier. So logically, the FBI was going to replace it at some point, and why wouldn’t they replace it with the electric car their hippy scientist consultant recommends?  

(Besides budget, I mean. $27,000 to start, hm? Looks like it’s gonna be you and me for a few more years yet, Yaris.)

So…well-played, Fringe. If you can somehow find a way for each of the team to drive their own, individual Leaf, which can then combine to form a giant robot (with Walter’s making up the head, I guess?), then maybe that’ll get you a fifth season.

Actually I think I’d watch the shit out of a fifth season that looks like that.

  1. John Jackson says:

    So would I, and I don’t watch it.

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