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I’ve had the good luck lately to be on the winning team, pop-culture-wise. I don’t have to worry about other people liking The Hunger Games, and ABC seems to have found a genuine hit in Revenge, so I don’t have to be an advocate there, either.

Which means I might’ve gotten a bit lazy, since I figured the mix of J.J. Abrams’ name, the post-House time slot and the 50/50 combo of cop-procedural/time-travel mythology would’ve been enough to get people to stay with Alcatraz, without me constantly banging a drum in a vain attempt to get people to tune in again.

Of course, I figured wrong. And so Alcatraz wraps up its first and potentially only season, with a ton of unanswered questions, because people aren’t generally trained on how to watch television these days. Which is to say, the rule is: “You gotta power through the first six episodes, because they’re probably not gonna be all that good, but there’s potential, which usually only gets reached in season 2, so please be patient.”

(With the caveat: “…If you liked the pilot at all.” Which is my way of saying, “You don’t have to support every damn thing just because you hope it’ll get better than crap.” Which is really just my way of saying, “Grimm is stupid.”)  (more…)


“I just think the lower back is the most revealing part of any character.”

“Fuck the fight director, no one wants to see what that fight looks like.”

“God damn, Elizabeth Banks has got a hot god damn earlobe.  Look at that earlobe!”

“We’re gonna shoot the other side of this guy’s head eventually, right?”

“Where’s…did I finish all the bourbon?”

“We can focus this in post, right?”

“There’s no way they’re going to use this take.”

“Fuck the costume designer, no one wants to see their clothes.”

“Whoooop!  Haha, almost dropped it!”

“Hey, I think if I zoom out, I can get everyone’s head in frame…aaah, fuck it.”

Well, word is that John Carter (of Mars) isn’t going to do so well – certainly not enough to make back its budget, or merit any sequels. This is kind of a shame, because I think it was pretty much a lot of fun, but at least now I can talk about what I think was a kind of a glaring problem with the story that I’d have felt guilty talking about before.

The Days of the Black Dog

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Braak
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I’ll write about it, because this sort of thing is always difficult to talk about  to another person. Not just because it gets stuck in your throat, which it does, and who knows why?  Shame, probably, which I suspect is close to the root of the whole thing.  But also because when you talk about depression, there’s always a host of reasonable questions that the person to whom you’re speaking thinks of, and they ask them, and so you never make any progress.


The Apple – US Merger

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Threat Quality

So, Apple is sitting on something in excess of 100 billion dollars in cash, and there are somewhere on the order of 207 million eligible voters in the United States.  What happens if Apple creates the Apple Political Party, with the platform of “Apple Should be the Official Business of the United States” — with a bunch of subsidiary planned laws like “Apple shouldn’t have to pay any taxes” and, I don’t know, “Everything that ISN’T Apple should pay MORE taxes”.

And then they run a candidate for every congressional seat in the next election, as well as the presidency, and say, “We will give a thousand dollars to every registered member of the Apple party, but only on the condition that we win ALL of our races.”

I don’t know if it’s legal to do this.  You wouldn’t technically be paying people for VOTES, because you’d pay out to members of the Apple party regardless of how they voted (you’d just be giving everyone who was a member of the party a huge incentive to vote for you).  So, best-case scenario (for Apple), Apple basically seizes control of the US government;  worst-case scenario, they just become a reasonably-large voting block and don’t have to pay any money.

Hell, you wouldn’t even have to run campaign ads.  Just setting up the offer would get you constant nationwide media attention no matter what.  All you’d need for it to work is slightly more than a hundred million Americans who care more about getting a thousand dollars than they do about the essential principles of democratic government.

I’ve got to admit, I don’t know whether those Wilma Theater cats are really happy with the theater that they’ve got. It’s a great big cavernous space, with, I don’t know, three hundred seats or something like that. It can’t be mixed around the way a traditional black box can, though it doesn’t have that weird grandeur that proscenium spaces sometimes have. I don’t know, do you think they like it? Was this is the idea when they built the new theater? “Let’s do a bunch of plays in a space where we can’t rearrange the spacial arrangement between play and audience.”

“Let’s do a Sam Shepard play!”

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My recent purchase of a Nook Tablet (and waiting for the xda developer people to hack the stupid thing so ImageI can access the entire Android Market) has gotten me more excited than ever at the prospect of digital comics.

And my enthusiasm got jacked up a little more with the Marvel’s announcement at South By Southwest (oh yeah, apparently Marvel Comics makes announcements at SXSW now) that they were kicking off a new digital comics initiative, starting with a weekly series by TQP favorites Mark Waid and Stuart (Nextwave) Immonen.

Waid’s been particularly vocal about revamping the idea of “webcomics,” in particular breaking away from the rigid page-and-panels format of a print comic that’s ultimately not necessary (and in many cases, detrimental) to reading comics on a tablet.

But if we’re really being honest here, I’m actually a little more excited for another recent announcement: Smallville Season 11.

Yes, you heard me. (more…)