Curse of the Starving Class at the Wilma

Posted: March 20, 2012 in reviews, theater
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I’ve got to admit, I don’t know whether those Wilma Theater cats are really happy with the theater that they’ve got. It’s a great big cavernous space, with, I don’t know, three hundred seats or something like that. It can’t be mixed around the way a traditional black box can, though it doesn’t have that weird grandeur that proscenium spaces sometimes have. I don’t know, do you think they like it? Was this is the idea when they built the new theater? “Let’s do a bunch of plays in a space where we can’t rearrange the spacial arrangement between play and audience.”

“Let’s do a Sam Shepard play!”

[Read the rest at the SOE blog]

  1. John Jackson says:

    Wow, So I typed up this comment, used the same login information I use here, and it said I couldn’t post, but that I had to be logged in to wordpress in order to post. But, well, I should have to do that here but apparently I already am logged in. That’s just silly redundancies and really doesn’t encourage commenting, but I guess WordPress got bought out by something called Gravatar? (Oh, I had to do it here too. Thank you very much WordPress, keep pissing me off.)

    I heard a theater designer on the radio who claimed that no one uses the term “theater designer” anymore, as they call architects who build theaters and stages without asking what designs the productions can use best “theater designers”. If the stage is just too big, well, I don’t know what anyone is supposed to do with that, except maybe put on a different play. (Apparently, the woman on the radio likes to use the European term, “scénographie”.) And yes, I know this is a pretty pointless comment, but your review just basically pointed out a working stove and a sheep. So I might as well be saying ‘First!’

  2. braak says:

    Honestly, the working stove and the sheep were basically the most significant parts of the show. Even when I talk to other people in the city, “Oh, did you see Curse of the Starving Class?” the first thing anyone asks about is what I thought of the fucking sheep.

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