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People always say that I think too hard about things, and I always take offense to that.  In the first place, because I am not thinking hard about things, I am just regular-noticing regularly-noticeable things.  In the second place, thinking about the world is the natural state of being, we do that automatically.  It’s not WORK to think about something, it’s work to NOT think about it, so I don’t see why I should suffer the accusations of responsibility.  I’m not even doing anything.  But also, sometimes things don’t make sense.  Like, imagine if you were watching a movie about the Frost/Nixon interviews, and at one point Richard Nixon ducked into a cafe because the sky had started raining Oobleck.

That would bother you guys, right?  That is regular old noticing.

So.  Revolution, coming September to NBC:  I have some questions about your trailer.

Questions About the Electricity Thing

So, wait, what exactly happened here?  The power went out, but ALSO all the batteries stopped working, and the turbines stopped working, and everything like that?

How did the batteries stop working? A battery isn’t a bucket filled with electricity, like so maybe a magnetic field could just drain it.  It is full of chemicals that, under the right circumstances, generate electric current.

Do chemicals not work anymore?

What about turbines?  Turbines (like the kind that power our coal plants and oil plants and nuclear plants and hydroelectric plants and wind farm plants) that aren’t spinning don’t even have electricity in them; they have magnets that when you spin them, they generate current. Do magnets not work anymore?


Why didn’t it affect the Earth’s magnetic field, thus making us all vulnerable to deadly solar radiation?

What about Ed Begley, Jr’s electric exercise bicycle that he uses to power his toaster?  Does that not work?

What about photovoltaic cells, do they work?  Why not?

Does silicon not produce electric current when struck by photons anymore?  Does copper wire not conduct electricity anymore?  Do lightbulb filaments not incandesce when current is passed through them?

If something happened to change the basic properties of the periodic table of elements, wouldn’t it have huge and far-ranging biological effects?

Likewise, if electricity just DOESN’T WORK, then how come people’s brains still work?  Those are full of electricity.

Questions About Just What Happened

So, how come the plane, when it lost power, started hurtling to the ground like a frisbee?  If it was flying in a straight line when it lost power, why didn’t it just continue flying in a straight line, since it would actually be really hard to steer?

Contrarywise, why did all the cars, when they lost power, just neatly drift to a stop in a line on the highway?  When your car stalls out, don’t you usually use the remaining momentum to try to pull to the side of the road so the guy behind you doesn’t hit you? Wouldn’t at least SOME of those people do that?  Wouldn’t some of them have bumped into each other, too?  Or is this a highway where everyone always maintains a safe following distance?  Well what the hell kind of highway is that?

When the power goes out, doesn’t that mean that political and social power is going to fall directly into the hands of the people with guns, shields, armor, and horses?  Isn’t that most cities’ complement of riot cops?

Questions About the World We Live in Now

I guess after fifteen years, people have just shot all the bullets?  Is that why no one has guns?  Did no one remember that it’s possible to make bullets, even without electricity?  That bullets were actually invented and mass-produced before factories all ran on electricity?

What’s up with this guy’s crossbow?

Why is it backwards? It looks like he’s about to shoot himself in the face.  You can buy regular crossbows at Wal-Mart, if people have crossbows, wouldn’t they have just looted them?  I guess it’s some kind of compound crossbow but for real — why, after the collapse of civilization, would you spend your time reinventing the CROSSBOW, of every fucking thing?

How come they don’t have regular bows and arrows?  That’s also a specialized skill, but it’s not really harder than making a crossbow, and they’re much more effective in almost every circumstance.  Remember how, after the battles of Crecy and Agincourt, the longbow surged in popularity and the crossbow kind of dropped off?

That was five hundred and fifty years before society got electricity in the first place.

When they decided to reform civilization outside of the city, why didn’t they form loose-knit agrarian communities defended by yeoman farmers who practiced with their bows every evening, the way Edward III told everyone to in the 14th century?  Did all the historians and sociologists and archaeologists die out in the times of war, so no one actually has any idea how human civilization organized itself for 3500 years before Tesla invented alternating current?

Why does that guy have a sword?

Why do ALL of those guys have swords?

Swords are hard to make!  Good ones are hard to get now, and that’s with phones and internet and a Post Office to deliver the Atlanta Cutlery catalog.

Why would you devote resources to making single-purpose weapons like swords, instead of just looting a Home Depot and arming all of your guys with hatchets and shovels and prybars?

How did that guy even learn to USE a sword?  People who know how to use swords are pretty uncommon, even though we have electricity.  If a whole bunch of people died off during the War Times, they must be even rarer, right?  So why would you learn how to use a sword, instead of finding some guy who knew Okinawan karate and getting him to teach you to fight with an oar, or something else that you could also use for a purpose other than fighting other guys with swords?

Dual. Purpose.

Questions About the Social Message

Uh, is this a TV show about a middle-class white family from Chicago

losing their technological advantages and then running afoul of a militia made mostly of angry black men?

Is…is it going to be a cackhanded allegory for how a systemically white supremacist culture uses its technological privilege to oppress minority groups?

Or is the whole show going to be about “Restoring Power” — i.e., “restoring the power of the white middle-class family to maintain the comforts that they enjoyed in the past at the expense of everyone else”?

  1. Jeff Holland says:

    A wizard did it.

  2. braak says:

    What, ALL of it? Even the backwards crossbows and the swords and the racism? WHY WOULD A WIZARD DO THAT?

  3. Jeff Holland says:

    You’ll just have to watch the whole thing to find out.

  4. braak says:

    Impossible. There’s no way this thing is making it past six episodes.

  5. Jeff Holland says:

    Six episodes? Why that’s hardly a commitment at all!

    You’re gonna be soooo surprised at who plays the wizard though.

  6. Jeff Holland says:

    I’m not saying it’s Brian Dennehey. But I’m not NOT saying it either.

  7. braak says:

    It’d better be Brian Dennehey.

  8. Don’t stop thinking so hard about things! Or noticing, or whatever, it’s why I visit here!
    Though I think they just wanted to make a show where sword fighting would be a commonplace manner of airing grievances, without having to set it in the Middle Ages/Game of Thrones land. And that’s a noble enough enterprise on it’s own, I guess. But it needs a better set up than “Everything just stops working.” I mean, a world suddenly bereft of technology is an interesting idea to explore, but it shouldn’t be executed in such a lazy manner, riddled with all these plot holes.

    Also, spoiler: The other side of the computer chat.

  9. jmascisforpresident says:

    Electricity doesn’t work because the ISLAND DOESN’T WANT IT TO WORK.

    Either that, or it’s all because of WAAAAAAALLLLTTTT.

    I just want all of JJ Abrams shows to be in the same world, Avengers style.

  10. braak says:

    Honestly, if Revolution DID take place in the same universe as Lost, and the electricity thing was a consequence of smoke-monster-wizards, I might actually radically change my skepticism of it.

    I mean, that would be hilarious. They get to Chicago finally and go up the Sears Tower and there’s Hurley, sitting there with a cat. “Guys. We have to go back.”


  11. Jim Stafford says:

    Regardless of whether it makes any sense, that looks like shockingly bad tv making.

  12. The backwards crossbow is the best part, I think.

  13. braak says:

    It actually makes me nervous every time I see it, because it flat-out looks like it’s going to go off and shoot an arrow right into his eye.

  14. John Jackson says:

    To be fair, the random hot guy they find in the forest uses a normal bow, and he draws it exceptionally fast. But yeah, no shovels or pickaxes or even smithies. Also, I thought the spinning/crashing thing was a helicopter. It wasn’t on screen for long, but a plane just wouldn’t make sense, a helicopter would.

    And if I rewrite/reimagine a trailer for this that quickly, no wonder I like a lot of bad TV.

  15. braak says:

    No way, man, that is DEFINITELY an airplane. And based on that scene, it looks like the airplane was flying, then literally just stopped in mid-air and crashed straight down.

  16. Joseph says:

    It does look like some febel attempt to make a cool sword fighting world from our modern age and a big what if factor going on.

    Oh by the way there are guns in the video clip. I saw what looked like a musket from the civil war era.

    I am guessing some sort of super aliens did it to teach humanity a lesson. Or some government dude or dudett traveled back in time and screwed things up.

    As far as plot goes and the airplane falling out of the sky like a rock due to lack of electricity(even though its running lights were still on), It is all what ifs and whould it be cool to do x,y and z.

    JJ should just do Trek for all I can see and leave the real world to real people.

  17. Jeff Holland says:


  18. Joseph says:

    Maybe it is an Alien working for the Government that comes back to time(or not) and mucks things up. Who knows.

    If they don’t start fixing thier holes in the plot right off the back, then no, I do not see this show lasting very long. Why are they using Old style computers? Did not Trash80s and Apple 2Es go out a long time ago?

    Lets bring back the C64 and Atari 800!

    Any way they need to move the plot quickly in order to maintain and or grow the aidieance in addition to fixing any plot hic cups. If not, this will die out like Gene Roddenberry’s “Earth Final Confict”

    A cool idea that dies…..

  19. John Jackson says:

    I thought Earth: Final Conflict lasted four 20ish episode seasons.

  20. Joseph says:

    I was just using it of an example of how a good idea is not enough. That show like many shows are on for years even with low ratings, Star Trek Enterprise was on 4 seasons but had low ratings.

    To me Earth Final conflict was pushed beyond its ability to caputure new veiwers. The plot seam to move along way to slow and I think it ended up having a slow death for the last two or 3 years. Also the only thing that Kept the show going was Roddenberry’s name I feel.

    Now Does JJ and company have a name that is big enough to keep a show like Revolution going on for 5 years like Earth Final Conflict?

    I don’t know. Revolution has one major advantage, they have major network support and Earth Final was on a small network.

  21. zorcy says:

    If there are enough questions. If there are enough clues. If there are enough possibilities, we will watch. If they hose it up and put a lot of Easter eggs that would not work, like lights on a powerless plane, then we will wash it down the drain. I see Hunger Games meets Lost and you get this. I hope they don’t add The Book of Eli to the mix, it’s to much.

  22. fallenvash says:

    That is a reverse limb crossbow. Think of them to crossbows as the Mongolian Recurve is to normal bows. By reversing the limbs this actually increases the speed of the firing immensely, as well as distributing the energy better thus reducing kickback and volume of launching a shot.

    The end result is a crossbow with a greatly increased accuracy and power and stealth. These crossbows can be found at any COMPETENT specialty sporting goods store, like Cabela’s or an archery store. Walmart on the other hand is NOT a competent sporting goods supplier.

    I can see these things being highly sought after in a world with no electricity or guns.

    And in case you couldn’t tell already, YES these things actually exist in the real world already. In fact the invention is credited to 2003.

  23. fallenvash says:

    forgot to leave a link
    they also are far more compact then a normal crossbow, this makes aiming easier, as well as sneaking through cover

  24. Gregg says:

    So in this land that violates all the laws of physics, why didn’t all the people, who also run on electricity — just up and die? i guess that would make a really, really short series.

  25. braak says:

    Well, that’s one question answered , any insight into the others? Am especially curious about this highway where everyone maintains a safe following distance.

  26. fallenvash says:

    Well my opinion on the cars thing is mostly wait and see on the actual show, but feels to me that it was unimportant and might break whatever flow and storytelling focus they had for the ‘flashback-esque’ explanation of the blackout 15 years ago if they showed devastation occuring on the roads. It’s this reason why those deleted scenes on DvD bonus sections get deleted in most cases, it disrupted the flow of story telling and/or shifted focus elsewhere. Not to mention once again this is a ‘flashback’ explanation of the event fifteen years before the series is taking place, it might be told from a ‘story-telling’ style from family members who remember it best to the younger people. In this case it warrants less focus on matters like that.

    But once again, I am on a wait and see opinion.

    Also something that occured to me after my typeup on the crossbow was your rant on the sword thing. We got several things to focus on. Remember 15 years after the event, this allows time for powerful groups to procure awesome stuff like GOOD quality weapons and/or competent craftsmen, because these dudes DO exist, just go to some of the better Renaissance fairs. Now look at these guys in the picture, do they look like random scavengers? no, they come off to me as a powerful group who equiped and dressed themselves well and in similar fashion. Let’s not forget the EXTREMELY nice/expensive looking building they got to themselves, even if there is a pillar or two fallen. These dudes are definitely some kind of organized group with power.

    As far as sword skills go? Maybe it’s part of why they got their power, one of them was a master in the art and formed this group. Or maybe the leader specifically seeked out trained swordsmen. Or once again, they had FIFTEEN years to train and form their own swordsmanship style.

    Heck for all we know, these dudes might have all worked at a Renaissance Fair before the event and teamed up into one elite force, thus explaining both how they got their gear and training and possible making of gear. Now that I think about it, the Ren Fair closest to me is considered one of the best in the country, it happens to be set on the estate of a rather large manor. A manor that happens to also be a winery… geez, if this event happens during the summer, those workers at the ren fair have is MADE, big house, forges, weapons, armor, AND A FRIGGIN WINERY. Doesn’t matter if the apocalypse is this or zombies, those guys got the best chance of survival….

  27. ockraz says:

    I was going to say that the reverse draw crossbow wasn’t invented for the series, but is something that you can buy off the rack right now, but someone beat me too it. 😦

  28. ockraz says:

    I agree about batteries and generators. That would require magic. I can understand how a massive EMP could knock out stuff with transistors, but you can’t tell me that there wouldn’t be plenty of old cars and trucks lying around from the 40’s and 50’s that would still work.

    I agree with you about the airplane too. WTF? If a plane loses power, why would it start to spin?

    I disagree with you about the weapons. Like I said, the reverse draw crossbow already exists. It’s less bulky if you need to carry it around on a trip, and they’ve removed to stock on the one in the show, so that makes it clear that size was important. There are quite a few people in the trailer with traditional bows too. Swords aren’t that hard to make as long as you have a blacksmith.

    There were guys in the trailer with muskets, and I think that actually makes sense. You’re right that it wouldn’t be hard to make a bullet, but it would require mechanization to make a lot of cartridges. Plus, modern guns use smokeless powder, whereas guns like muskets used actual gunpowder (aka black powder) which is less complicated to make.

  29. braak says:

    Swords *are* hard to make if you haven’t got any pressing reason to make them; I mean, they’re not independently hard to make, but they are relatively hard to make compared to all the other things you might be making instead. This is not even counting, “why would you make swords when hardly anyone knows how to use swords anyway?”

    And useful guns (i.e., *rifles*, as opposed to muskets) don’t need electricity, and their bullets don’t need electricity. Revolvers can use black powder bullets (the percussion cap revolver was invented in 1836), so can repeater rifles (Smith and Wesson made the first functional Volcanic rifle in the 1840s), and actually smokeless powder was manufactured in the 1880s. In this future, people with degrees in the history of manufacturing or in chemistry or engineering should be the most powerful people in the world.

    And, again, this overlooks the fact that there are A LOT of bullets available, it’s not a serious suggestion that it’s easier to build and load a musket than it is to maybe conserve some bullets?

  30. braak says:

    Also, what do you mean, “if you had a blacksmith”? WHERE WOULD YOU GET A BLACKSMITH?

  31. Jdotolo says:

    The gun in the video seamed to be civil war Era rather than. Rev. War Era. Also my father used to make his own loads for his shot gun. So I do know that regular folks can reload thier bullets and shells.
    The question is where would people get thier supplies?
    Gunpowder I would think would be hard to come by after a while.

  32. braak says:

    Principally, I’m not sure how that’s any more difficult than getting tool steel to make swords, or fancy crossbows from specialty hunting stores that would have been at the top of the list of raid sites when society collapsed. In fact, you’d figure that once society collapses and people realize that electricity somehow just doesn’t work anymore that securing the means and materials to make bullets for your guns would be right there at the top of the list of priorities. In the intervening fifteen years, the one militia that figures out how to retrofit a munitions factory to run without electricity and starts harvesting seagull shit for their saltpetre is the militia that’s basically going to take over the world.

    I mean, think about what you would do. Society collapses, there’s apparently some kind of race war. What do you do first? 1) Secure immediate supplies: canned goods, clothes, weapons, water. 2) Secure defensive requirements: fortifications, a source of fresh water, organized allies. 3) Secure sustainable priorities: food production (farming, sure, but your best bet is probably fishing, since fish populations actually would start replenishing rapidly once all the huge boats stopped and everyone had to switch to sail power); materiel production (cotton’s not much of an option near Chicago, I guess, but if you’ve looted properly, you can probably go for a while before you need more clothes); aaand weapons manufactury. Once you’re secure in person and community, building a bullet factory is basically your number 1 priority.

  33. braak says:

    Obviously, I would have an enormous amount of respect for this show if that one dude who runs the militia is in charge because the first thing he did was seize the Chicago Public Library and then conscript a bunch of engineers to wade through patent records until they were able to rebuild all the late-19th-century technologies that he’d need to maintain military dominance.

  34. braak says:

    Honestly, that would be fucking amazing.

  35. Jdotolo says:

    Well building this and that and percuring X Y and Z may seam like a pratical survival thing to do but it wont be that easy. If you and I can do it then I am sure a goverment can do it too. Just look at opressed third world countries where the people are living worst then in this video. How many people will have little choice to rely on thier goverment for x y and z and not able to get it?

    Whom is to say that Uncle Sam won’t try to opress us and make it very very hard to get weopns and even fuel or food?Just look at some third world countries and tell me it can’t happen here if things got really bad?

    Now even if people can get X Y and Z, Just how many will? I bet a large portion of the population will only be wanting food and selter and to just survive and want to be left alone.

  36. Want to know why “swords” and not pitchforks from Home Depot?

    Want to see some dudes that live by the sword in real life?

    I wouldn’t mess with these guys… they drink a lot of beer, make and use wicked swords… make sure you watch the one video – “18 beer cans”

  37. braak says:

    I am rolling my eyes so hard at that, you can’t even know. I think I just broke my orbital bone here.

  38. […] the BS science stuff, Braak took care of that business. I don’t really care about the fake science involved in all electricity going away and how […]

  39. Kodiyak says:

    Can anyone make a trailer anymore without using that one singular piece by Two Steps from Hell? Even if you want to use their music in your trailer, they do make other fantastic stuff. But everyone and their dog has to use “Heart of Courage.”

  40. Daniel Wold says:

    The electricity going away has me baffled too. It’s got to be magic or
    some sort of alien tech from an extra-terrestrial race so far advanced that it appears to be magic to us… or maybe the “gods” decided we needed to be taught a lesson. Or earth-goddess Gaia decided she had enough of our nasty ways.

    Whatever, it just seems that electricity is so fundamental. Wouldn’t our nervous systems stop working too? What about cellular biology. Of the very stuff of matter: electrons and protons. Wouldn’t matter as we know it just fly apart, collapse or blow up in some spectacular fashion.

    Extreme bogosity is what I call it.

  41. Jdotolo says:

    This show is not going to last very long. I watched the show and wondered why does not steam locomotive dont work either.

    I understand that electricity does not work and the internal combustion too. I also understand that modern cars use electricty to spark plugs in moderns cars. But we cant find an other way to make gasoline egnite?

    They have candles so why cant steam engines work?
    They have candles so why cant other way be used to egnite gasoline?

    They have working Guns so why cant there be gunpowder based applications and machines?

    The Whole Geo Political structure does not make sense too.

  42. braak says:

    This is not actually a theory that explains Revolution at all, as an electromagnetic pulse attack, while it would damage many kinds of unhardened, delicate electronics that were presently functioning, would not, for instance, make it impossible for turbines to ever work again.

  43. Dan says:

    The only way I can figure that ‘electricity stops’ without everybody dropping in their tracks, is if metals cease to be conductive. Our nerves function through ionic transfer which is different. Immobilize the outer valence electrons of metals and all significant electricity would cease without killing all life on the planet. Of course all metals will become black and unreflective. They’d also lose their thermal conductivity, mallability, and ductility. Guns would blow up, swords would shatter, steam engines would not work, blacksmithing would be impossible. Even metal frying pans would fail to work very well. Obviously this is not happening so the producers didn’t do their homework.

    I’m not sure if it would affect the earth’s magnetic field which is created by a metallic molten core.

  44. braak says:

    Yeah, I don’t really see a consistent answer out of this except, “I dunno, some kind of wizard, or something?”

  45. Jdotolo says:

    What they should of Done is done a story on a natural disaster like Yellow Stone National park eruption or other super volcanos. I can even see a two mile asteriod hit would make a better survial story then this show.

  46. mr says:

    lets not forget that many planes flew and fly without electrical equipment! they can also build cars without them too! (you just have to crank them by hand). this show is to dumb

  47. RuDeDoG_SD says:

    Watched this week’s episode. If there’s no electricity, why was there lightning? If they can’t create electricity via chemical reactions, magnets, etc how are we alive? Don’t our bodies use electrical impulses? 😉

  48. Ellie's Ink says:

    […] about the post-apocalyptic world after “the power” mysteriously goes out. Revolution has been mocked for numerous reasons, not least for its ridiculous 5th-grade understanding of basic physics and chemistry. However, for […]

  49. Coall says:

    Ok so, when watching this show I just made an assumption in my head so that they physics part of it wouldn’t piss me off. Way advanced aliens sent out some kind of pulse that altered everything on the surface of the planet at a molecular level so that nothing would conduct electricity or something like that..

    BIG QUESTION: Why don’t trucks work?

    If trains work and guns work, then trucks should also work. New vehicles rely on electricity so they would have to be greatly modified, but older vehicles that don’t rely on electronic components to run……. why don’t they work?

    I think they decided to just ignore this in the show. If you have an answer to this feel free to email me at

  50. pinay says:

    the crossboe does excist, the electro and magnet thing is a mystery and not possible.

  51. photosbyfi says:

    Look up horton archery vision 175 crossbow…apparently we have these backwards crossbows already, compact and stealthy? Personally seems far more difficult to make than a standard crossbow, but recurves could be mass produced easily and really affordable over crossbows.

  52. Urgh I gave up with this series because the premise lacked plausibility. One of my all time favourite series, Dark Angel, featured a similar ‘things stopped working’ idea and they called it The Pulse. It took out computers and networks and servers etc. but after that, the world picked itself back up and despite a drastic change in government and living conditions, they could still use cars, computers etc for all the reasons you mention above. Dark Angel – plausible, awesome, exciting. Revolution? Fail! And don’t even get me started on the racial stuff going on in that series!

  53. Jdotolo says:

    The show has been on for 5 episodes now. One of the things that will doom the show is not all the hows, whys and wheres but rather the pace of the main plot.

    We are 5 shows into the main story line and we are still at the same basic point the show started with. They are still trying to rescue the brother. while they have revealed sub plot and character background history, the main plot is idle.

    Who wants to watch a show about Character background sub plots. How about a little movement in the main story line please NBC!

  54. Quackery says:

    Yea, the plot is stupid, sister trying to get brother back, why does everyone want this stupid 18 year old kid, and who the hell is this ‘middle class’ black man gone evil angry militant leader? Its all fucked up. Is there not a more interesting story going on in the World during this event? Looks petty to me…

  55. Kevin says:

    This is the show you have a problem with the realism of…really? what about the walking dead, grimm, CSI or any show with an acronym for a name, any “reality” show, any religious program , every cartoon, or professional wrestling. No this is the one that’s over the line of realistic. most people watch tv because it is unrealistic that’s the point. to leave reality for a little while and enjoy the story. not to nitpick every inaccuracy. we all know that sponges don’t really live in a pineapple under the sea, nobody cares though. tune out your skepticism and cynicism for an hour and just enjoy the story.

  56. DUDE says:

    Exactly my toughts, I hate this show! 😀 It is an insult to our intelligence and an easy way of making money by cutting the cost from medieval decoration production. “-Hey let us shoot a medieval story -Ok, but we do not have the money, we will have to shoot it at my mother’s house” kind of shit… You are hilarious BTW 😀 Re-inventing the crossbow 😀

  57. Adam says:

    Ugh, the science in this series is killing me. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with some plausbile way electricity could stop. It’s just not possible for all the reasons people have already mentioned – the entire physical world would unravel. However… what about some time-stopping device? I orignially got this idea in the episode where the lighthouse lights up. In that scene the generator suddenly starts up, and the light comes on breifly. No way that “allowing” electricity to happen starts a diesel generator, unless It was still running in some other time-line? How do you like that for a stretch? Meh, I still don’t buy it. Some idiot in the writers room came up with it and nobod bothered to vette it.

    Besides the horrible science blunder, the characters are also coming up really short (and the story line). I just find it hard to empathize with these shallow 2D caricatures (sp), but God I’m trying!

    This show won’t last, it’s pretty bad, and I’ll put up with a lot for a little sci-fi. Remember “The Event”?

  58. Azrael says:

    They didn’t reinvent the crossbow, they have steam power and re-tooling factory machines to mass produce things using steam power requires time, resources and know-how… finding blacksmiths is easy you’ve heard of horse racing, ranchers, horse shows and riding in general? they require horse shoes…who do you think makes those things? yup black smiths! and for the record making a sword is easy you heat the metal, hammer it into shape, temper the edge, grind it to an edge…add a piece of wood for a handle… job done… I think you guys think of Katana’s when you think of swords not a basic functional blade…

  59. braak says:

    Uh-oh, guys, look out. We got some kinda genius here.

  60. Azrael says:

    No just a blacksmith lol so don’t be so cocky… as for why the electricity has stopped working that’s still stupid but as they can turn it back on in a short radius with those pendants I can only assume it’s some sort of super hi-tech breaks the laws of physics dampening field… and I doubt we’ll ever find out their excuse

  61. braak says:

    Uh huh. You make a lot of swords, Azrael?

  62. Azrael says:

    No but I know how to make a basic blade as I described before… Part of your apprenticeship involves making blades mostly sheep shears and scythe blades but the principle is the same for creating a simple sword blade. I’m talking a practical sword blade here not a katana creating a sword of that quality involves folding the metal multiple times as well as tempering the blade several times… but the swords they have in this program aren’t anything special very crude… but yes there are many Farriers and foundry workers in the world it’s not hard to find one within 20 miles of you.

  63. braak says:

    I would argue that, in fact, it’s much more difficult than you’re suggseting for a variety of reasons. 1) fewer people use flywheel grinders these days than electric grinders. 2) Access to fossil fuels (coal, &c) that you’d need to heat the blade would be severely limited due to the collapse of civilization (and coal would be so highly-prized that it’d be hard to get a hold of for sword purposes). 3) Useful steel would be difficult to get a hold of, as well — ostensibly, you could make a sword out of old lawnmower blades, or something (provided you had ready access to old lawnmowers); you could also use tool steel, but if you’ve got TOOLS, like hammers and crowbars, spending the time and energy to turn them into a shitty knife is counter-productive.

    This is assuming that the farrier population has somehow remained significant despite the collapse that resulted in the death of 6 million Chicagoans.

    Finally, I don’t know why you keep calling their swords crude — they look like laser-cut carbon steel with custom knuckle-duster guards to me.

  64. braak says:

    Also, I am pretty sure most horseshoes in the modern era are machine-made in factories, not handmade by a network of blacksmiths.

  65. Azrael says:

    You have good arguments regarding supplies but lets say you are located near a mining town there would be enough ready mined coal to set up a small base plus if it comes down to it we could make charcoal for the forges… yes maybe they are machine made those swords but they are crude in design compared to ‘real’ swords is what I was getting at… as for horseshoes no they aren’t made in a factory… every horse is different and shoes need to be shaped and fitted to the horse accordingly!

  66. braak says:

    1) What if you are in Chicago, which is where the show is set?

    2) Tell that to these guys.

  67. Jdotolo says:

    The show has concluded until march 25th. I read an article on CNN and they have been criticial of how slow the story line has been developing and lack of strong character developement.

    We can argue about swords and blacksmiths all day long, but unless the show developes strong story line and characters the show will be doomed.

    I guess the ratings are good enough for NBC to continue the show dispite the gaping holes in story line and plot.

    I am confused as to how the charms are preventing electricity to happen. I thought they declared several eposides ago that they were looking for a way to have cheap plentiful energry and that the opposite happened. Hence why not destroy all the charms that and presto, power is back on.

    There was one thing the show seamed to get right. The 5 year civil war(s) that started after the power went out. That was real to me. A war was the very first thing I felt would have happened.

  68. Jdotolo says:

    and as far as the blacksmith goes. I think there will be plenty of them. We wont have to re-invent the wheel. There are all sorts of historical musuems all over the place. Including Old Mansons and houses left over from the 1800s and early 1900s.

    All we would have to do is break into them get the gear. Now the population would be reduced to nearly nothing after years of war and stavation, so it would not be like the demand for goods would be in the millions but rather localized to Towns and small communities.

    So with a severly reduced population the blackssmith would not have to keep up with the demands of a large poulation and the would not be a need for hords of coal. There would be tons of coal sitting in rails cars. In fact the other day a train loaded with 2 miles of coal cars pass by my town just a few weeks ago.

    One other thing that bothered me about the show besides lack of steam trains. The lack of horses. Not sure why they are using horses to find the brother. There would be horses all over the place.

    The people whom has the most horses and most food would be the one in power I think. We are talking about limit ammo suplies and any new ammo would have to be reloaded by hand. The group of people with the best ecomony and logistics would be the ones in power I feel.
    any way…..

  69. Vahmp says:

    Hm… Read all the posts. And gota laugh at some of the NITPICKING. LOL

    1. Yes swords are simple to make. A piece of spring steel (springs from old car and truck, found readily in ANY juckyard THRU OUT the world), a hammer and an anvil, a furnace (not hard AT ALL to make) to heat the steel.
    I know, because I’m self taught… I taught myself how to make fair quality swords, at home. You don’t need to be a rocket Scientist to make onu, that’s good enough to use in a fight.
    (The skeptic that says it can’t be done, doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Must be a citydueller. hahaha)

    2 The premice of the show is, they were working on making GREEN ENERGY, and STUMBLED across an Electricity inhibeter (spelling?)

    3 The 12 pendants together have the information to reactivate electricity. Each pendant has the power (don’t ask how, I don’t know yet) to reactivate electricity in a 10 foot radius.

    4 After 5 years of civil war, amo started becoming scarce

    5 The guns and amo. The malicia (?) horded all the arms and amo they could. Also created a law that anyone bearing arms will be killed on sight.
    (Hence the use of Flintlocks, Bows, Crossbows and Swords.)

    6 The story DOES NOT ONLY take place in Chicago, it starts there and i’s taking place in the Southeastern USA. Hence the Monroe Confederacy HQ is located in Phillidelfia (Spelling?), and the terretory covers various States.

    Jeez people! If you’re going to nitpick atleast PAY ATTENTION to, or WATCH better, what you ARE NITPICKING.

    Why don’t ya just wacht the seres for what it is…. entertainment.
    I’m enjoying every episode. LOL


  70. braak says:

    Attention fucking Geniuses of the Internet:

    The next time you want to let us know how clever you are, and how superior you are for enjoying something dumb, please take the two requisite minutes to read the article you’re commenting on.

    It ran in July, a month and a half before Revolution premiered. These are questions that I had in advance of the show. Which I mention in, like, the third paragraph.

    Now, carry on, you self-taught blacksmiths, you Hattori Hanzos in the making.