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My goodness, I am ready to be done with all this.  Here’s the thing:  James Gunn, tapped to direct Marvel/Disney’s (Marsney’s) upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie did this poll about the superheroes that folks would most like to engage in the intercourse with, and then he followed up all these votes with some pretty awful misogynistic and homophobic junk.

This was a year or so ago, I think, and someone just noticed it recently, so people started talking about it, and James Gunn immediately took it down but look! It’s here on Google cache.  The internet — like an elephant, or a quiet iorich — never forgets.



Well dammit. I actually really like Geoff Johns’ take on Aquaman. 

I don’t know why this annoys me. Maybe it’s because after banging through so many other New52 DC collections, I simply expected the book with Angry Aquaman stabbing at the reader to be as bad as one would assume. Aquaman isn’t a character DESIGNED to snarl and frown – he’s a blond swimmy guy who rides seahorses, talks to fish and wears bright orange! – and yet that’s been his default mode for basically the last 30 years. (Unless you go elsewhere.)

Then there’s Johns. I’m not a big Johns fan – the “Johnsian Literalism” theory put in play at Comics Alliance bugs me, and his weird insistence that every DC character have mother or father issues is disconcerting in its consistency. And here it is on display again: the opening arc focuses quite a bit on Aquaman’s relationship with his human father, as it guides the hero through his newfound, “Am I man or Atlantean?” issues.

This is probably a way of making them more “human,” but it usually feels like a hamfisted retcon that gives guys like Green Lantern and Flash something to brood over without feeling particularly intrinsic to their characters.

But damned if it doesn’t work with Aquaman. In fact, practically everything Johns comes up with for this not-quite-reboot* of the character is pretty spot-on.

Which, of course, makes That One Thing stand out even more as being a fucking terrible idea.

But we’ll save that for last, because I’m happy to actually write a positive DC review for a change, so let’s go down the list of things that go right in Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench(more…)

Chris Versus the Movies: Brave

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Wait…hold on.  What?  What…?

Are you fucking kidding me?


So, the Republican Theater Festival occurred, and all in all, it was really not that big a deal. No fights broke out; I was not required to do karate on disruptively rowdy patrons; I was not asked to use the power of my atomic intellect to rhetorically break a man down into his component parts. So, some disappointments, obviously. But for what had ostensibly seemed like it was going to be a pretty controversial event — one that filled up listservs and email inboxes with hatemail and poorly-worded screeds — it turned out to be a surprisingly non-controversial night on the town.

I am now going to write some things about the plays, and you may consider that, unless I say otherwise, I’m generally just not including the play that I worked on (“Running Amok,” by Quinn D. Eli) in my analysis, for no reason other than I don’t expect you to find my analysis of it objective. Good or bad or what, it’s pretty much off the table. So.



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It was ever my intention to do everything in November EXCEPT work on a novel, thus expressing my disdain for and objection to National Novel Writing Month and the many, many, MANY writers collectively demonstrating that writing novels isn’t especially difficult. Of the variety of categories of people that I hate (including: people who stand in middle of the aisle at the grocery store, people who like Glee, Neil Labutte, people who like plays by Neil Labutte, and pretty much anyone who’s ever left a comment on Comics Alliance) “people who do the same things that I do” has got to be at least number 3 on the list.

However, I have been provoked — PROVOKED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE MEASURE — by Moff’s vile aspersions against me.


(I have published this piece from Moff, of Moff’s Law Fame; I have done this because I AM NOT AFRAID OF HIM.)

I remembered, at about 1:07 p.m. on Thursday the 1st that November is National Novel Writing Month, and that in recent weeks I had entertained the notion of officially participating this year for the very first time. And so it came to pass that at about 1:08 p.m. on Thursday the 1st, I decided to do so.