Posted: February 16, 2013 in Braak
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Someone build this tool for me, and I will pay you a handsome sum of dollars.



1. Ratchet screwdriver with six interchangeable bits stored in the grip: 3 reversible (large & small Phillips, flathead, and star bits), 3 non-reversible (precision Phillips, flathead, and star bits) (9 bits total).

2. 8 MP camera, still and video, records on onboard memory or streams wirelessly to a phone or tablet. Also includes a magnification mode.

3. 4 MP IR camera, with accompanying IR light.

4. Four LED lights for use with camera, or in flashlight mode.

5. One-button control: a mechanical dial that conveniently and clearly sets up to eight different modes (five pre-programmed, three programmable), controlled by one magnetic button.

6. mini-USB port to charge the device or exchange data with phone or tablet.

7. 3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection.

8. Laser pointer (rangefinder? Jesse says you couldn’t use it as a laser microphone [with the accelerometers filtering out the noise from your shaky hand] because it’s too small, but maybe one day).

9. Additional sensors (gyroscope? thermometer? barometer? GPS? Whatever else you want, probably)

11. Bluetooth

12. Vibrating feedback motor

13. Bottle-opener.

Control Panel App, runs on accompanying phone or tablet.

screwdriver app

1.  Magnify mode:  use the device as a high resolution magnifier.  See under couches, or around corners, or inside of otherwise-inaccessible areas (like inside a guitar).  Works with camera, lit camera, and IR camera modes.

2.  Camera mode:  the default mode for the three camera settings on the device; pictures are stored automatically on the device, and automatically transmitted to the phone or tablet when the app is running.

3.  Video mode:  record video in camera mode, lit camera mode, and IR camera mode.

4.  Data mode:  get data from the device’s onboard sensors.  (For example: you could use the device’s internal gyroscope to use it as a level.)

5.  Settings:  change the default and feedback settings of the device.

6.  Additional Features:  program additional functions into the device and access them here; for example:  you could program a “Find Me” feature, that would tell you where the device is if you misplaced it (or if you wanted to follow someone and purposefully left it in their car), or you could program Mode 6 on the device to unlock your car when you press the button.

The Monkeywrench is made of anodized aluminum and carbon fiber.  It does not have a wrench function.

[UPDATE:  Except, now that I think about it, it’s got the ratchet socket, you could just get a bunch of socket bits and plug them into it.  You’d have to store them in a separate box, probably, which spoils the idea a little, but you’d also have a wrench, so.]

  1. John Jackson says:

    Where’s the corkscrew?

  2. Dennis says:

    Looks kind of sonic screwdrivery.

  3. braak says:

    @John: I don’t need a corkscrew, now that I know how to open a wine bottle with my shoe.

    @Dennis: Well, yes.

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